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Frankie Edgar on deserving shot at Max Holloway’s belt: ‘There is no one else’

The way Frankie Edgar sees it, there’s only one featherweight title fight to make: himself against new champion Max Holloway.

“There is no one else,” Edgar said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “C’mon. There’s no one that makes sense more than me, no one that’s done what I’ve done to get it.”

Another featherweight contender, Cub Swanson, believes that he should be next in line after Holloway’s third-round TKO victory over Jose Aldo to claim the title at UFC 212 on Saturday night.

But Edgar’s on a stretch of seven wins in his past eight fights, which includes a submission victory over Swanson, against a better class of competition than most of Swanson’s opponents. So Edgar believes he has the slam-dunk case for a title shot.

“I don’t see how he’s in consideration, you know?” Edgar asked. “Since me and Cub fought, I’ve fought nothing but top-10, top-five guys. I don’t think he’s fought anyone in the top 10 and he’s also lost a match since then. So I don’t think how that’s even, you can’t even compare the two.”

One thing you can compare is how Edgar’s title shot hopes would have looked if Aldo had defeated Holloway, as opposed to vice versa. The former UFC lightweight champion has fought nine times since dropping down to lightweight. He’s 0-2 against Aldo with a pair of decision losses, and 7-0 otherwise.

And while Edgar, who was in Brazil for UFC 212, kept up a good poker face during the week, now that the fight’s in the past, he’s not afraid to admit he knew Holloway winning was best for his career.

“I knew that was the best case for me,” Edgar said of the Holloway win. “I just wasn’t going to sit there and shout it out and try to cheer for anybody, I just figured I won’t say much about it, I’ll let those guys figure it out, and the cards fell my in my favor. So, here we go, let’s set up Holloway-Edgar.”

He’s not, however, going to act is if he knew the fight would play out as it did. Like many, Edgar had a tough time picking a winner going in.

“It was a tossup to me,” Edgar said. “I know Aldo had great athleticism, good speed, I know Max could just pour it on and has a good motor and range and length, and just like I think you’ve seen Aldo do really well with some speed and combinations, I think that won him the first two rounds, although the second round you could see Max kind of finding his way. Then it seemed like Aldo slowed down quite a bit and Holloway poured it on, get that finish.”

There has been talk in the aftermath of Holloway’s win that the next move for the champ would be a title defense in his home state of Hawaii, an MMA hotbed which has never hosted a UFC event.

Edgar says he’s down for the challenge of going to Holloway’s home turf. Or for having the fight at Madison Square Garden. Or anywhere, really, as long as he gets the crack at the gold.

“For a title shot, I’d fight on the moon, you know what I mean?” Edgar said. “Hawaii would be cool, man. My team would like that, I know that. MSG would be good, too. I’m sure Max would be into that, too. C’mon, World’s Most Famous Arena? I think that makes sense, too. Then again, if they can get Hawaii done I’m 100 percent down. Holloway’s been talking and saying Aldo, you gotta go to the other king’s land, and conquer him on his own land, I’m just trying to follow suit, homie.”

Meanwhile, there’s another reason Edgar’s glad Holloway won, in addition to the presumed title shot. It also fends off the talk of dropping down to bantamweight which seems to crop up every time Edgar’s path to the top hits a roadblock or two.

“I don’t even know if I want to go down to ‘35, it would have to be the exact right opportunity,” Edgar said. “If it’s for the belt, maybe. I could make the weight, but every time I get down to ‘45 I’m like I don’t want to lose 10 more pounds. And I don’t even cut that much weight.”

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