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Max Holloway sends message to ‘cry babies’ in the UFC: ‘You guys don't deserve sh*t’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Max Holloway is the new undisputed UFC featherweight champion, and it’s safe to say he’s worked hard to earn that title.

The 25-year-old Hawaiian captured UFC gold Saturday night by defeating Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 212 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was a title unification bout, as Holloway held the interim belt – which he won in December – and Aldo was the actual champ. The road to this fight with the Brazilian was a long one for Holloway since the Hawaiian had to go undefeated for more than three years and rack up 10 straight impressive victories before getting the shot at the belt.

Yet, despite having to go to hell and back, Holloway never really publicly complained about not receiving a title shot. He just kept fighting until it was the clear he was the only contender left.

“You know, jut keep grinding, keep grinding,” Holloway said at the UFC 212 post-fight conference regarding his odyssey. “Too many cry babies in this game. I could've sat there and weeped and cried and, ‘Where is my title shot, blah, blah, blah.’ I don't want to say it, but you’re a bitch, you're a bitch if you act like that, for real. Keep making your payday, they tell us to go out there and fight out our contracts, go out there and make fights.

“I never cried one time. Like I said before, when we got the Aldo fight, the email was in my inbox for 15 minutes. It took me a under a minute to send it back, I didn't even know it was in there, I was randomly checking my email and I was like, ‘oh UFC agreement, what?’ and send it back with my signature. Stop crying, ‘I deserve this, I deserve that’, you guys don't deserve shit. Keep trying, keep working hard. We’re here now, they can't deny me now.”

Now champion, Holloway is not too interested in money fights, which seems to be the trend for newly crowed titleholders in the UFC. Instead, “Blessed” wants to defend his belt as many times as possible, but also get payed accordingly.

“I don’t want money fights,” Holloway said. “We [Holloway and UFC president Dana White] had a meeting before [the fight] and he said this is big-game hunting. The bigger the game you bring to the table, the bigger the paycheck you get, and I think Aldo is a silver back gorilla – I want my paycheck. I don't want money fights, I want to get paid, and like I said, I want to defend my throne. I’m going to be here for a long time.

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