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UFC 212 results: Paulo Borrachinha blasts Oluwale Bamgbose


Heading into their middleweight matchup on Saturday night, all 15 of Paulo Borrachinha and Oluwale Bamgbose’s combined career victories were knockouts -- in Borrachinha’s case, all in the first round.

So their UFC 212 bout in Rio de Janeiro promised fireworks. And boy, did it ever deliver. Borrachinha and Bamgbose traded heavy shots into the second round before Borrachinha emerged victorious, winning via TKO at the 1:06 of the frame.

Bamgbose came out like a house afire early in the opening round, as the Bronx native put his opponent on the mat and worked for a submission.

But Borrachinha, a former Jungle Fight champ, weathered the storm, and it soon became apparent Bamgbose had emptied his gas tank. Baorrchinha picked up the pace and peppered his opponent with a brutal array of strikes, but Bamgbose made it to the horn.

Early in the second, though, Bamgbose mistimed a kick, ended up on the mat in the aftermath, and Borrachinha rained down punches until the fight was waved off.

“He’s a tough guy, he moves around a lot, but I knew that my right hand would land, and I used the octagon well tonight,” Borrachinha (10-0) said. “I think I’m ready for a top-10 fighter after this opponent, I don’t have a specific name but I’m ready for a top 10.”

Bamgbose dropped to 6-3, with three losses in his past four fights.

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