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Morning Report: Johny Hendricks reveals reason he missed weight at UFC Fight Night 112

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UFC Fight Night 82 photos
Johny Hendricks

When Johny Hendricks abandoned the welterweight class, he did it with the intention of also leaving behind his weight issues. Hendrick’s final two fights at 170 pounds, saw him miss weight on both occasions, leading him to the conclusion that his body couldn’t realistically make the cut anymore. He moved up to 185 pounds and beat Hector Lombard, saying afterwards that the weight cut was the easiest of his life and that middleweight was his new home. Then, for his co-main event fight this past Sunday against Tim Boetsch at UFC Fight Night: Oklahoma City, Hendricks missed weight again, coming in three pounds over the 185-pound middleweight limit.

But speaking recently with Submission Radio, Hendricks said that this failed weight cut was an anomaly and not indicative of a larger problem. The former welterweight champion explained that thought he was easily on target to make the weight, he came down with a high fever during fight week and that complicated his cut and made it impossible to execute properly.

“Wednesday, something happened and I started running a fever. Thursday, Friday I’m sitting there going, ‘Oh my gosh.’ It’s funny because I love fans but I think that they’re the most ill-informed people and the reason that I say that is because if y’all are feeling sick, what do y’all do? If you are sick what do you get to do? You get to take a day off.

“My family was going through sickness for three weeks prior to the fight and I laughed because I didn’t get it. I was super excited. Awesome, nothing’s going on. Until you start cutting weight. I showed up and I think I was 13 [pounds] over and I drank 10 pounds of fluids that day and at that point you’re fighting not only the weight but also your body. It just sucks because 185 is not that hard to make but whenever you’re sick, it is. You’re body’s not gonna give up anything and the next thing you know, you’re trying to turn right around in 48 hours and fight for your life.”

Hendricks was stopped by Boetsch in the second round of their fight after Boetsch landed a head kick and followed up with strikes. Before that, the bout was a competitive contest with Hendricks having his moments though being unable to impose his game plan. Hendricks said that battling the illness had left him at fighting less than his best on Sunday evening.

“Whenever I was in there, things weren’t clicking like they should have. I saw a lot of openings, I got his timing down. The only thing he really hit me with was that push kick until he rocked me with that kick. . . Whenever I was sitting there, I thought I was still moving and my coach told me, ‘No, you literally just stood still.’ I really don’t know what I was thinking. Everything he did, I knew. I saw everything. There was nothing he could do and then he threw that high kick and finished it so kudos to him.”

And there’s the rub. Hendricks says he was put in a situation where none of the options were good: He could either succumb to the illness and pass on the fight, or do his best to fight the illness but miss weight and then be at less than 100 percent for the fight.

“It was just like, you’re running a 102 temperature for two days and you’re playing it that way. You’re running a high temperature and you’re trying to do everything you can. You’re not trying to kill fluids but you’re trying to keep your fluids up a little bit so that way you can fight it. I pretty much just told the commission, ‘Guys, I have to fight this fight.’ Then [the temperature] broke on Friday, late, late Friday like 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning and whenever it broke we tried to hit it hard to get that last little bit off but at that point my body was just saying, ‘Hey, we’re just trying to survive at this point.’

“Like I said, it’s not hard to make [1]85. That’s why I think it’s funny these people are like, ‘Oh he missed weight again.’ Well you know what, you have no idea. Any time you get sick you go to the hospital and what do they do? They put you in IVs and hydrate you up. Why? Because fluids help you fight the sickness. So that’s really what I was trying to do. I was trying not to put on a lot of weight [but also] if I don’t break that sickness, what do I do? Then I don’t get to fight. Then you just wasted 10 weeks of camp for nothing. So you’re in a catch 22.”

Ultimately, Hendricks chose the former because he wanted to fight and going forward, he says this won’t happen again because middleweight is a breeze to make.

“185 is so easy to make. Right now if they said, ‘You have to fight next week,’ I could make it.”


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