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Fighter shakes head saying a strike didn’t hurt — then gets KO’d by head kick

The MMA gods will get you every time.

Jordan Powell, a light heavyweight fighter competing at LFA 13, shook his head during the bout to tell his opponent that the last strikes didn’t hurt him. Then, Dominick Reyes, his foe, landed a left head kick that ended the fight Friday night in Burbank, Calif. Powell was unconscious before he hit the ground and faceplanted.

Powell was doing his best to no-sell a previous exchange. And he was right — Reyes’ strikes didn’t hurt him or really hit him. But as soon as Powell let his guard down for a second, Reyes was there with the knockout blow :53 of the first round.

Reyes (6-0), a California native, is a real prospect at 205 pounds. He has finished all but one of his pro fights. Powell (8-7) came in on a three-fight winning streak that was abruptly stopped.

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