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Manager: Conor McGregor not tied to Reebok for Floyd Mayweather fight, free agent for sponsorship

Conor McGregor will not be wearing a Reebok UFC fight kit for his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. He actually might not be donning Reebok at all.

McGregor has no obligations to Reebok and is a free agent when it comes to apparel sponsorship, his manager Audie Attar told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“There’s a lot of open categories that we’ve been negotiating with brands, including Reebok,” Attar said. “We’ll see how that all plays out.”

Estimates have put McGregor earning somewhere in the vicinity of $100 million for the Aug. 26 bout against Mayweather at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The ability to add more sponsors outside of his deal with Reebok as a UFC fighter will only add to that number. Attar would not say how much McGregor is making for the fight, because both sides have signed a confidentiality agreement.

“Conor is well taken care of,” Attar said.

McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, and all UFC fighters have had to wear Reebok in the Octagon and during fight week since the UFC signed an apparel deal with the company in 2015. No other sponsors are allowed on a fighters’ shorts in the cage. McGregor also had an individual contract with Reebok as a UFC athlete, but that apparently will not extend to boxing, Attar said.

“He’s currently a free agent with regard to athletic apparel,” Attar said. “We’re still in discussions with Reebok and other brands.”

The boxing match is being promoted by Mayweather Promotions and distributed on pay-per-view by Showtime Boxing. The UFC is not an official promoter or distributor.

Helwani asked Attar if McGregor could even wear a competing brand like Nike for the Mayweather fight, and the manager said that was a possibility.

“It’s definitely a great opportunity for Conor and any brand we decide to align with,” Attar said.

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