Travis Browne's Reaction to Derrick Lewis' loss


Count Travis Browne in as one of the heavyweights who was watching the fights tonight. He had some choice words for Derrick Lewis from his Instagram account after Lewis' TKO loss to Mark Hunt:

"You say you have the most heart in the heavyweight division, but I just watched you quit. You should retire.. You brought up false news about me that affected my family. What happened to your mom, no woman should ever have to go through. Miss Lewis, you have my sympathy. I hope your family isn't affected by false accusations or false news, like mine was. Even though you didn't have the same consideration for my family. I wish the best for your wife and children. Enjoy your wedding on the islands, My Home is heaven on earth. Best wishes. We know you don't have the heart but if you have the balls.. I'm down to run it back."