Who Should Mark Hunt Face Next?


Wow. At 43-years-old, Mark Hunt TKO’d one of the top UFC heavyweight prospects in Derrick Lewis tonight. Let me rephrase--the oldest active fighter on the UFC roster just outclassed and TKO'd a top prospect with the longest active win streak in the UFC heavyweight division. Given Hunt’s recent turmoil with the UFC, this is a less than ideal situation for the promotion.

I personally expected Hunt to lose this fight. I thought his UFC run had been a valiant effort, but after his last few losses, I felt like we were nearing the end of Hunt's amazing comeback. More importantly, it seemed like he was getting back into the octagon too soon after his KO loss to Alistair Overeem. It had only been three months, and at 43-years-old, this looked to be too quick of a turn around. Three months is is a tall order for anybody coming off of a KO in my opinion.

That all being said, Derrick Lewis’s six-fight win-streak has been snapped, and Mark Hunt has re-established his relevance in the UFC heavyweight division. The question now is….who should Mark Hunt face next?

Some fresh matchups would be Andrei Arlovski, Travis Browne, or Cain Velasquez.

I think Cain would benefit from a tune-up fight upon his return to the octagon. Could Mark Hunt be a good comeback fight? Possibly. But I can’t imagine the UFC giving Hunt the opportunity to knock off any more potential title contenders. However, I don’t see them wanting to provide him with any winnable fights either. I think Arlovski and Browne are both very winnable. Then again, where does a win against Arlovski or Browne really put him at this point? At this stage of their careers, beating either Browne or Arlovski isn't going to necessarily set the world ablaze. A loss on the other hand could be devastating.

The UFC is in an interesting dilemma. What says you guys? Who do you think Mark Hunt will or should be matched up against next?