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UFC Fight Night 110 live blog: Derrick Lewis vs. Mark Hunt

Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt
Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt will collide in the UFC Fight Night 110 main event.
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This is the UFC Fight NIght 110 live blog for Derrick Lewis vs. Mark Hunt, a heavyweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lewis, who has won six straight fights, will square off against Hunt, who has won two of his past five fights, in the main event.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 110 live blog below.

Round 1: Alright, we’ve seen plenty of first round finishes, let’s see how this heavyweight battle goes. And the fight is on. Lewis takes the outside of the octagon while Hunt takes the inside. Both guys very tentative, as they should. Nice leg kick by Lewis. A minute has gone by. Hunt throws the first big shot of the fight launching a straight right hand. Lewis fires back with two head kicks that are blocked by Hunt. Hunt still pressuring forward. An uppercut lands for Hunt. Lewis attempts a takedown but comes up short. Two minutes left. Lewis keeping his distance here. They exchange punches and briefly clinch. Hard leg kick by Hunt. Lewis attempts a flying knee, but doesn’t land. Hunt catches a leg kick and fires back one of his own. Both fighters patiently wait for their moment to strike. The bell signals the ned of the first.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Hunt.

Round 2: Lewis throws a heavy head kick to open up the second round, but it’s blocked by Hunt. A leg kick lands for Hunt. Lewis throws a big right hook that seems to have landed. Nice body kick by Lewis. Hunt pressuring Lewis, but not as much as the first since Lewis is moving forward a bit more. A series of hard leg kicks lad by Hunt. Lewis accidentally pokes Hunt in the eye and the fight is stopped. The doctor comes in and clears Hunt to fight, the heavyweight action resumes. Three minutes left. Lewis looking to counter, waiting a lot on Hunt. Another leg kick lands by Hunt, these seem to be adding up a bit. Quick flurry by “The Black Beast” pushes Hunt back. Hunt seens to have hurt Lewis and is not pressuring forward, looking for the finish. Massive right hand connects on Hunt. Lewis seems to be okay, but gets cracked by another power punch from Hunt. The bell rings.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Hunt. Overall, 20-18 Hunt.

Round 3: They touch gloves. Again, Hunt pressures forward while Lewis backs up with his back close to the fence. Lewis throws heavy uppercuts that barely miss Hunt. Lewis with a good jab. Lewis has his hands extremely low, close to his stomach. Lewis backing up a lot, keeping a good amount of distance between Hunt and himself. Big looping left hook lands for Hunt, but Lewis absorbs it. Another left hook lands for Hunt, his corner calls for more. Lewis looking extremely tired at this point, but still firing bombs though. Hunt now working the body with kicks and straight punches. Lewis bakcing up a lot here. Ten seconds left and Lewis turns up the pressure. Nothing lands and the third round comes to an end.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Hunt. Overall 30-27, Hunt.

Round 4: And we’re into the championship rounds. Hunt looks fresh, while Lewis looks gassed. Hunt pressures forward. Very few punches are thrown here. Solid leg kick by Lewis. Beautiful double jab and straight right wobbles Lewis. Lewis shakes his head but appears hurt. Hunt still pressuring forward. Lewis throws a big right hand but misses. Two minutes left. Left hook to the body lands by Hunt. Massive right hand wobbles Lewis. Hunt sensing blood here. Hunt unloading on Lewis, mixing things up to the body and head. Lewis is just crouched over, taking punishment. Referee steps in and stops the action. Solid performance by Hunt, picking up an important win in his home country.

Official decision: Mark Hunt def. Derrick Lewis via TKO (punches) at 3:51 of Round 4

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