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Georges St-Pierre to Michael Bisping: I’ll fight you any time ‘after October’

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Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre
Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre face off in March.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Don’t plan on seeing the UFC middleweight title defended until late in 2017.

Georges St-Pierre posted a video message to middleweight champion Michael Bisping on Friday, saying he’d be ready to fight for the belt “any time after October.” The bout has already been announced, but a timeframe has been up in the air until now.

“Mr. Bisping, I cleared my entire schedule to get ready for training camp after the summer,” St-Pierre said. “So I can fight you any time after October. Pick the date. Let’s get it on.”

Bisping has not defended the belt since October 2016, a decision win over Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 204. St-Pierre, the former UFC welterweight champion, has not fought since November 2013, when he defeated Johny Hendricks by decision and then vacated the belt, announcing a sabbatical just weeks later.

The UFC announced Bisping vs. St-Pierre back in February and the two had a press conference for the fight on March 3, prior to UFC 209 in Las Vegas.

Earlier this week, St-Pierre teased that he could fight Bisping at Madison Square Garden in New York. The UFC is expected to return to MSG in November.