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Al Iaquinta request to the UFC: ‘Cut me you sissys’

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UFC 183 photos
Al Iaquinta took to Twitter again Thursday, this time to presumably ask for his UFC release.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

“Raging” Al Iaquinta is rapidly becoming one of the most entertaining characters in all of MMA. The best part is that it’s all genuine.

Iaquinta, the volatile lightweight from Long Island, took to Twitter to address the UFC again Thursday, making what seemed like a request to the promotion. Or at least to the promotion’s @ name.

“Cut me you sissys,” Iaquinta wrote.

Last week on The MMA Hour, Iaquinta went off on the UFC for multiple reasons, told UFC president Dana White to “shut the f*ck up,” said he may never fight again and then doubled down on everything on social media.

“Raging Al” also got into a Twitter beef with UFC welterweight Mike Perry and White’s name came up again. Sage Northcutt, Kevin Lee and others were also in Iaquinta’s Twitter crosshairs.

Iaquinta, 30, has a knack for sounding Trumpian on Twitter. He took aim at UFC executive Reed Harris in a pair of tweets Thursday.

Just another day in the life of “Raging Al.”