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Morning Report: Tony Ferguson goes off on ‘b**ch’ Nate Diaz: ‘You’re in the wrong sport. Go try tennis’

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Tony Ferguson EL
Tony Ferguson

Yesterday, Nate Diaz spoke with Ariel Helwani on a special edition of The MMA Hour where he talked about all sorts of things, among them, why he most likely wouldn’t be fighting Tony Ferguson at UFC 213. Diaz said that Ferguson, who shares a management team with McGregor, was cajoled into calling him out and talking trash by his management team because he is unknown while Diaz is a “money fight.” Diaz said Ferguson, McGregor, and their management are all “in cahoots” working against him and that he’s not going to play that game and “cover for Conor” by fighting Ferguson.

Coincidentally, Ferguson also recently did an interview with Submission Radio where he talked about the link between himself and McGregor but refuted that his calling out of Diaz had anything to do with his management or money.

“Well I figured, I was like,’ S**t, man. The next person that beat the dude that’s next in line would be Nate.’ So it had absolutely nothing to do with management and it had nothing to do with the f**king money either. I get paid either way and I get paid good. These dudes want to f**king make it soft and be like, ‘Oh money fight, money fight. This and that money fight.’ Yeah that’s cool. The money will come to you, you’ve just got to keep winning. You’ve gotta keep putting in the time but these b**ches want to fight like one time and then go and retire. I understand it. You’re a p**sy, don’t worry about it. You don’t like to fight. You’re in the wrong sport. Go try tennis.

“This is a man’s sport. I fight. I like to have job security. Give me somebody in front of me that wants to have their ass beat. Give me somebody that wants to go in there and test their wit against me. I thought this was the UFC and we’re supposed to be the best and toughest fighters in the world. Point and proven, Khabib, McGregor, and Nate Diaz are a bunch of bitches. It’s all fake for them.”

Ferguson has been calling for a fight with Diaz since his interim title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov fell through at UFC 209 due to weight cutting issues for Nurmagomedov. With Nurmagomedov out until the fall, there are few other fights that make sense for Ferguson and much of the rest of the ranked fighters in the division are already booked up. But with Diaz refusing the fight, Ferguson is left in the lurch and frustrated by the division.

“I’m realizing that this division is full of b**ches and I can’t help that. So I’m gonna find work wherever I’ve got to go. . .

“I’m down to deliver ass-whoopings any day and I’ve been calling out the top guys and even calling out the lesser guys and there’s no bites. These motherf**kers are soft. The only people that I see that are willing to fight for the interim title are the guys that are in like the top 30. These dudes who are like number one, two, literally they f**kin’ disappeared. What are you gonna do if you have the division at a halt? I put this division at a halt, put it that way. I worked my ass up so far up into this division that I became a glitch.”

Glitch or not, Ferguson is still without an opponent and not many viable options at the moment. He mentioned the possibility of a rematch with Edson Barboza or a foray into the 170-pound division, but though he says that a title isn’t the most important thing and that it will come eventually, it appears that a belt is really where is mind is at right now.

“Give me that title. Give me that title! Where’s that belt that’s mine? F**k you, Conor. F**k you, Conor. F**k you, Nate. You bunch of b**ches. You guys are holding hands in the f**king locker room. . .

“I’m tired of the leprechaun. I’m tired of these fake-ass dudes. Let some real fighters up in the division. . . I want to fight. I want to work for something and earn it, how about that? When’s the last time somebody actually worked for something and earned it instead of talked their way f**king to it?

“The UFC can only hide me for so long because I’m gonna have that b**ch one way or another. That belt’s gonna be mine. You want to give me another fight, I’m ready for it. You want to give me another interim title fight, that’s fine.”

Perhaps this is the type of talk that will “wake up” Nate Diaz.


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Yes it did. In style.

We all are, Donald. We all are.

Well I'm excited

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Man, this was a big mistake. Maybe now they’ll have to do it though which would be a good thing.

Cold world.

Why on Earth didn’t they take Stipe back to Cleveland? Still don’t understand.

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If you didn’t listen to Ariel’s interview with Nate, I strongly suggest you go do so. As much as Nate is beloved in this community, I honestly think he’s underappreciated. He’s a marvel, man.

Also, Tony’s interview is worth a listen as well. Goes in on D.C. and AKA as well as Khabib. He’s really throwing shots out these days.

Anyway, that’s it for today folks. Take it easy and Conor bless.

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