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Dana White: ‘I don’t know if’ the Diaz brothers ‘will ever fight again’

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Dana White
Dana White isn’t sure if either Nick or Nate Diaz will fight again in the UFC.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The jockeying between the Diaz brothers and the UFC doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

Nate Diaz told Ariel Helwani on a special edition of The MMA Hour on Wednesday that he plans on sitting out this year and waiting for one of two things — more money or an opponent that motivates him to fight.

TMZ tracked down UFC president Dana White later Wednesday evening and White said he offers fights to both Nate Diaz and Nick, his older brother, and they reject them.

“I don’t know if those guys will ever fight again,” White said. “We offer them fights all the time.”

Diaz said he accepted a fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 213 on July 8 in Las Vegas, but then changed his mind. He said he didn’t want to do Conor McGregor’s “dirty work” by facing Ferguson when it should be Ferguson fighting McGregor for McGregor’s UFC lightweight title.

McGregor has been concentrating on getting a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. rather than defending that belt.

“They’re trying to pressure me to fight Tony Ferguson, but what the f*ck, I’m going to cover for Conor McGregor and do his work while he’s out making f*cking millions of dollars fighting boxers and sh*t?” Diaz said.

“I’m not covering for you, bro. You guys fight each other. I heard Tony’s manager talking, saying that I need to get a fire up under Conor McGregor’s ass if I want to fight him for the third time. Like, I gotta do what? You guys should fight each other, motherf*cker. You guys have the same manager. You guys are working together against me. You guys need me to do the work for you? F*ck off.”

White admitted that Diaz made “a lot of money” in both fights against McGregor last year, going 1-1 against “The Notorious,” and probably doesn’t need to fight this year. But White said he isn’t sure what the Diaz brothers are looking for — Nick Diaz is also holding out for a big fight — nor if they will step in the Octagon again.

“We offer fights and they turn them down,” White said. “I don’t know what he wants. That’s up to them. That they want to fight next week or if they never want to fight again, that’s up to them. Not up to me.

“They don’t seem like they want to fight, no. Either one of them.”