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Charles Oliveira wants to go back to featherweight, but open to fights at lightweight

UFC 210 Media Day Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Charles Oliveira is a happy man.

Days after submitting Will Brooks and earning a "Performance of the Night” bonus at UFC 210, “do Bronx” returned to Brazil to be by his wife’s side when she gave birth to his first daughter, Tayla.

Oliveira’s days now are a mix of bottles of milk and diapers, but that’s not stopping him from training.

"When fight was over, I asked for another fight right away,” Oliveira told MMA Fighting. "I want my next fight booked right now. I went back to the gym as soon as I returned to Brazil. I celebrated the victory with my friends. I’m taking pictures with my daughter all the time [laughs], but I’m also training. I’m staying active. I want to fight.”

The Chute Boxe talent is "twice as happy" now after “dominating" Brooks and becoming a father, but his future as a professional fighter is pretty much up in the air.

Oliveira, who had trouble making weight multiple times as a featherweight, was asked by the UFC to move up to 155 pounds and face Brooks. After putting on a great performance, he immediately asked to go back to 145.

"Anything you do in your life, you have to be a professional,” Oliveira said. "I was having issues on my old team, and we were always a little over in weight. That’s why I had weight issues.

"People were shocked when I was 10 pounds over in Mexico (against Ricardo Lamas), but they forget I took the fight on 19 days’ notice after a hard fight with Anthony Pettis. I was hurt after that fight, I wasn’t training at all, and had to lose a lot of weight.

"I can easily make 155 pounds, but I felt terrible before that fight (with Lamas). That’s why the UFC asked me to fight at 155 now. But I have a new team now, and everything is perfect.”

With Diego Lima as his head coach at Chute Boxe, and working with nutritionists and physical therapists, Oliveira guarantees he will have no problem making 145 pounds in the future.

"If you put me at 145, I’ll make weight like everyone else,” he said. "I’m happy, in a good moment. This is the time to go back to 145, make it happen and become UFC champion."

Fighting Brooks at lightweight was UFC’s call, so what if the promotion asks him to stay at 155 pounds for his next fights?

"I’m an employee, I work for the UFC,” Oliveira said. "My goal is to become champion at 145. If they called me today saying we want you to fight this guy at 145 in two months, I’ll put on a show for everyone. But if they ask me to fight at 155, bring it. I’ll be ready.”

"The new trend in MMA is to talk trash and curse to get a fight, but I’ll never change who I am,” he continued. "Whoever the UFC gives me, I’ll fight. I want it to be at 145. I’m not ranked at either 145 or 155 because they don’t know where I’m staying, but I still consider myself the 7th-best featherweight in the world, and I’m only moving up the ranking. I want to fight someone ranked, at 145 or 155."

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