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After Mark Hunt bout, Derrick Lewis coming to ‘bang Francis Ngannou’s ass up’

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With a six-fight winning streak and increasing fanfare, Derrick Lewis knows a knockout of Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 110 on June 11 could kick up the title talks. Then again, he’s not overly concerned about that.

Right now he’s more interested in getting paid than getting gold accessories.

“Yeah, I don’t care about [the title],” Lewis said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “As long as I’m making money, that’s all I care about. If they’re going to give me and renegotiate my contract again and fight for the belt, yeah I’ll fight for the belt. But other than that, I’m not really worried about it. I’m just going to keep fighting, try to stay active as much as possible.

“You know, once you have the belt you want to be less active, fighting once a year. I don’t want to fight once a year. I like fighting every other month.”

Lewis is coming off a knockout victory over Travis Browne in Halifax, a memorable fight that kept his streak going. He had initially planned to take some time off after the fight — nursing a foot injury and some broken ribs — but he said he “threw a number” at the UFC when the Hunt fight was presented, and the UFC surprised him by agreeing to it.

Now “happy” making what he considers an adequate amount of money, Lewis is more interested in keeping momentum going, and keeping the paychecks rolling in. When told by host Ariel Helwani that a title fight — and being a champion — usually equates to more money, Lewis said that could change his mind a little bit.

“I don’t know, I don’t really keep track of everyone else’s money,” he said. “But if it is, that would be great, I’ll fight for the belt.”

Lewis was in Dallas for current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic’s record-typing second title defense against Junior dos Santos at UFC 211. One of the other hot prospects in the heavyweight division — the hard hitting Francis Ngannou — said last week on the same show that he wasn’t overly impressed with Miocic’s performance.

Lewis did not echo those sentiments, but did tip his hand that he would like to take a piece out of Ngannou after he’s finished with Mark Hunt in Auckland.

“Yeah it was good with Stipe,” he said. “[Miocic] came out strong. He came out like he had something to prove and he’s showing everyone he’s the champion for a reason, and I’m glad that he did that, that he came out like that.

“But Francis, that guy there, he’s really ignorant. I’m not even worrying about that guy. You know, I would love to fight him after this fight, because he’s been talking a lot of sh*t anyway, like he’s the sh*t. F*ck that guy. I’ll fight his ass after I fight Mark Hunt.”

Asked if that fight interested him, Lewis made it pretty clear he’s had his eye on the French-Cameroonian.

“Yeah, I’ll fight him, yeah,” he said. “I wanted him before this fight. The guy talking about I’m too slow and this and that, yeah whatever — I’m a heavyweight. I’m coming in to bang his ass up.”

Lewis said he thought Ngannou — who is 5-0 in the UFC, with five finishes — was overhyped, even after what he did to Andrei Arlovski at UFC on FOX 23 in January (first round TKO). He also said that in terms of vanity, he has Ngannou licked in that capacity too. 
“I’m still prettier than him anyway,” he said. “That African booty scratch, I ain’t worried about him.”

As for his match-up with Hunt in New Zealand, Lewis said it was a dream fight for him, namely because he knows the kind of fight the “Super Samoan” brings.

“It’s another one of them fights like Travis Browne,” he said. “I wanted to test myself and I believe Mark Hunt is going to come out and fight, just like Travis did. And I still believe I can put him away in the second round.”