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Jessica Andrade explains decision to call out Angela Magana after Cris Cyborg incident

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Cris Cyborg is not the only Brazilian who wants a piece of Angela Magana.

Magana and Cyborg were involved in a physical altercation during the UFC Athlete Retreat in Las Vegas, when the Brazilian ended up punching Magana in the face.

Since the UFC fighters are separated by 30 pounds when they compete inside the Octagon, Jessica Andrade has offered to step in and take on “Your Majesty”.

Back to Brazil after losing to strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and being in Las Vegas for the retreat, “Bate Estaca” spoke to MMA Fighting about her decision to call out a fighter that hasn’t won a fight since 2011.

"Cris is a big friend of mine and I respect her a lot, and I saw everything that on Twitter, (Magana) disrespecting Cris,” Andrade said. "I think you have to respect every fighter. She was acting like a clown. Cris visited a hospital for people who are battling cancer, something everybody should respect, and she’s making fun of it. That’s ugly."

"It’s easy to make fun of people who are in different weight classes because you know you can’t fight them,” she continued. "I want to see her do it to me. She likes to get attention talking trash, so talk trash to me and back it up inside the Octagon."

Andrade is currently ranked at No. 4 in the official UFC ranking, but wouldn’t mind facing the unranked Magana.

"I want to fight her only because of respect,” Andrade said. "She won’t do any difference for me in my career. She only loses, and hasn’t fought in two years. It won’t make any difference in my career. I want to fight her for respect. I want to see her talking trash someone in her weight class.”

Magana also attacked Andrade on social media after being called out by the Brazilian.

"She just talks,” Andrade said. "Let’s see if she actually does something. It’s easy to talk, but it’s hard to actually do something. She can say anything she wants, as long as she takes the fight."

Andrade said her manager Tiago Okamura has already reached out to the UFC asking for a fight with “Your Majesty", but hasn’t heard back yet. If they actually meet inside the Octagon, “Bate Estaca” predicts a rough night for the Magana.

"It’s not a tough fight,” Andrade said. "I can knock her out, I can submit her. I’ll win this fight by knockout and tell her inside the Octagon to be humble and respect people."

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