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Gegard Mousasi labels UFC’s contract offer ‘not good’

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Gegard Mousasi vs Thiago Santos
Gegard Mousasi vs Thiago Santos
Esther Lin

There was Gegard Mousasi, on the set of the FOX Sports 1 show UFC Tonight on Wednesday, chatting it up with hosts Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian.

If the highly ranked middleweight contender was featured on what’s widely considered a company-friendly platform, that must mean he signed a new deal with the UFC, right?

Well, not quite. Mousasi reported on the show that he’s still yet to come to a deal, and that he wasn’t impressed with the company’s latest offer.

“It’s not good,” deadpanned Mousasi. “We don’t like it.”

Mousasi indicated the UFC has six weeks left in its exclusive negotiating period. If the parties can’t come to a deal within that time frame, Mousasi would be free to pursue offers from other promotions.

The former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, who finished his contract with five straight wins, the last four via finish, maintains what he’s said all along, which is that his record and fan following prove he deserves elite money.

“I’m co-main event all the time, so it’s not like people don’t know me,” said Mousasi, who indicated a Luke Rockhold matchup is the one which interests him most, should he re-sign with the company.

Mousasi has continued doing work with the UFC since his last fight, his UFC 210 win over Chris Weidman. He made a promotional appearance in Singapore recently and was at last weekend’s UFC Athlete Retreat in Las Vegas.

Asked about the retreat, Mousasi took another opportunity to jab at the issue of UFC fighter pay.

“It was fun, but then Kobe Bryant comes, he talks about investing $100 million, and you have fighters sitting there who make $10,000 (show money) plus $10,000 (win bonus),” Mousasi said. “So, it didn’t make any sense. Other than that, it was great and they treated us very well.”