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Morning Report: Mark Hunt on UFC lawsuit: ‘All I’m fighting for is an even playing ground’

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UFC 200 Weigh-ins Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Mark Hunt is legendarily tough to stop and the UFC might soon find that applies to outside of the cage battles too.

Earlier this year, Hunt’s legal time filed a civil suit against Dana White, Brock Lesnar, and the UFC, seeking damages stemming from his fight with Lesnar at UFC 200 (a fight which for which Lesnar failed two pre-fight USADA drug tests) as well the UFC’s continued practice of booking him to fight other fighters taking PEDs. The UFC’s legal team responded, filing for dismissal of the charges. With the Motion to Dismiss hearing set for Monday, May 22, Hunt spoke with Submission Radio about the lawsuit and what he seeks to gain by suing his employer.

“The reason I fell out with the UFC is because, like I said, all I’m asking for when I sued them was an even playing field. I spoke to Dana before all this shit happened and said, ‘I need you guys to make this right. You promised [Lesnar] was gonna be clean.’ It’s just like I said, me even going on about steroids and everything, it’s illegal and they shouldn’t be doing them.

“All I was doing without suing, I asked first if this could be rectified another way. They wouldn’t. They didn’t want to do it so then I had no choice but to push forward with my legal thing, with my lawyer, because I’ve had no choice. I’m not gonna keep fighting juicers. Why should I? Why should I be fighting juicers my whole career? I’ve done it most of my career.”

Hunt has had a particularly difficult go of things in that regard. Prior to his UFC career, Hunt competed eight times in Pride, which had the reputation of being less than stringent with their drug testing policies. And of his 14 fights in the UFC, seven were against an opponent who at one point in time failed a drug test or similarly admitted some form of drug usage, including his last three opponents.

“Three times in a row. Three times in a row [I fought fighters who failed drug tests]. I mean, anyone would ask the question. You know, three guys in a row and then it would have been a fourth guy if I fought in Melbourne against Josh Barnett. Why do I keep getting the short end of the stick? Why should I? I shouldn’t have to accept this rubbish.”

But there is the potential that Hunt will have to accept it. Should the judge rule in favor of the UFC’s Motion to Dismiss, there will be little legal recourse left for the heavyweight fighter. Even if the court rules in favor of Hunt at this hearing this is only the first of what could be an incredibly long legal battle with the strong possibility that all will ultimately be for naught.

The most likely scenario seems to be that some charges will be dismissed but that a few may survive to be heard at trial. However, if this is the case, the UFC would likely offer Hunt a settlement so as to avoid the discovery process of a protracted legal battle which could force the UFC to turn over documents and records that the the company has been notoriously clandestine about. The only problem with that is that Hunt doesn’t seem to want a settlement, he wants a reckoning.

“Do I want it to go to discovery? Yeah, of course I want it to go to discovery. Like I said, this shit is going all the way. These guys are gonna have to make this right, and not just with me, but with every fighter’s contract. I want the Mark Hunt clause put in their contract. I want every fighter’s contract to put in – if you are juicing, all their money should go to the other guy. If you’re both juicing, none of you guys should get money. People say, well why don’t you take 80 percent, blah blah blah? I say, okay, so me losing my life is 80 percent worth? No. They shouldn’t get anything. Cheaters don’t deserve any sort of money.”

“Like I said, this didn’t even need to happen. It could have been sorted out way before. Like I said, three cheaters in a row. I want something done about it. And the last straw was Brock Lesnar. . . The bottom line is, the guy’s done wrong, the company’s done wrong and he needs to pay for that shit. Why should I go in there and fucking lose my eyeballs when I’ve done nothing wrong.

“All I’m fighting for is an even playing ground.”

Mark Hunt takes on Derrick Lewis in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Auckland on June 10th at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.


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