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UFC 211 live blog: Joanna Jedrzeczyk vs. Jessica Andrade

Joanna Jedrzeczyk and Jessica Andrade will clash in the UFC 211 co-main event Saturday.
Joanna Jedrzeczyk and Jessica Andrade will clash in the UFC 211 co-main event Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 211 live blog for Joanna Jedrzeczyk vs. Jessica Andrade, a strawweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Jedrzeczyk, who is 13-0 in her career, will square off against Andrade, who has won four of her past five fights, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 211 live blog below.

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Round 1: Referee for this strawweight title fight is Jacob Montalvo. Pretty intense stare-down beforehand. They did touch gloves. It's Jedrzejczyk to center, and Andrade take an inside leg kick. She ducks in for a takedown feint, and they trace leg kicks. Jedrzejczyk all about those early. Nice one-two there from the champ, and the right hand had some snap. Now Andrade comes in and she connects huge with her own right hand. Wow. that was carrying import. Now they clinch, and each are throwing hard leather. Jedrzejczyk with her knees, there, but Andrade powers her to the fence. Already a huge bump on Jedrzejczyk's head, as Andrade slams her to the canvas. So far Andrade more than ready for this thing. She advances to half-guard, and now they scramble and Jedrzejczyk back up. Adnrade right on her, at the fence. Knee to the body from Joanna. Good stuff there. Andrade just burying her head down and going through Jedrzejczyk though. They trade in close, and now break. This is intense. Inside leg kicks from Jedrzejczyk. She's starting to deploy the left jab. Going to need that. Don't want the bull rush, and there's a head kick from Jedrzejczyk. Joanna strafing from range, and that left jab has got nice pop. Andrade eating them without problem right now. Knee to the body again for Jedrzejczyk. Andrade just keeps going forward. Now they clinch again, and Andrade shoves the champ to the fence, and then slams her down on sheer will and strength. Round ends at center, with Jedrzejczyk landing two kicks. MMA FIghting scores R1 for Andrade, 10-9

Round 2: Pretty nasty welt on Jedrzejczyk's head. They come out and meet at center, and Joanna right back to where she left off — throwing kicks. Inside kicks Those are starting to add up. One, two, three more of those. Andrade comes in with a reckless push kick. Joanna just sort of matadors. And right back to the leg kicks. Just whittled away at the challenger, taking her stilts out. Andrade comes forward again. Joanna with more kicks. She's also got that left jab banging again. Pace and volume have swung to Joanna. That left jab again, and it seems increasingly difficult for Andrade to get close — she's pressuring, but Jedrzejczyk has rhythm. Jedrzejczyk with a clinch on the pressure from Andrade, and she gets a sharp knee up to the challenger's head. She's really winning these exchanges. Big long shots from Jedrzejczyk, and one of those definitely gave Andrade some pain. Now Andrade scores a very brief take down, it was incomplete really, because Joanna was up before she was down. More left jabs. It's like a honing device. Those jabs are just tolling Andrade, and now she fakes one, and kicks Andrade's head. Yet Andrade takes her down, and now tries to power lift her back down again as the round ends. Jedrzejczyk is in the zone. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Jedrzejczyk,10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Touch of gloves. Leg kick from Adnrade, this time, and Jedrzejczyk answers in kind. She is landing at will. Andrade catches a kick, and takes a swipe at Jedrzejczyk on the reel. Head kick from Jedrzejczyk, was mostly blocked, but barely — speed advantage showing up more and more. Left, left, left and then overhand right from Jedrzejczyk. Andrade surges forward winging, but Joanna got out there effortlessly, and slams home another inside leg kick. The jabs and leg kicks are regular servings. Andrade finding no property on the inside, though she just clipped Jedrzejczyk with a right hand. Right hand right down the boulevard from Jedrzejczyk in counter to a strike attempt from Andrade. Jedrzejczyk serving out there, like tennis, very audible with each shot. Nice combo there from the champ, and the right hand crashed home. It's just an all-around picking apart by Jedrzejczyk. Quick clinch, and Jedrzejczyk with a knee. There's no respite that Andrade can find, no perfect place to outdo the champ. But she ducks down late and tries for a takedown, and they roll to the fence. That's where it stalls as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Jedrzejczyk, 10-9 (29-28 for Jedrzejczyk)

Round 4: Touch of gloves again. This fight on the verge of getting out of hand for Andrade, who doesn't have the answers for the leg kicks and jabs. She just takes them, and occasionally a head kick. She's still coming forward int he championship rounds, though, and Jedrzejczyk gamely blasts her with a front kick. Joanna's left hand is going to be sore; it's been crashing into Andrade's brow all night. Right hand there for Jedrzejczyk, who just rolls out of harm's way the moment the point scores. She's teeing off. Another push kick, and a big right hand that hurt Andrade. Cumulatively this is a hard take for Andrade, who scoots in close and now she engaged the clinch. She has Jedrzejczyk on the fence, and she's trying to work some knees. Couple of nice ones to the inside of Jedrzejczyk's thigh, but no damage. Joanna just packed with wiry strength, she springs off like a coil, but Andrade stays on her. She lifts Jedrzejczyk up and spikes her down, awkwardly, and Jedrzejczyk bounces up to cheers from the Dallas crowd. Some Polish flags waving in Big D. Back to the jab, like base camp. She fakes the inside leg kick and then comes in high on the other leg, which slams into Andrade. Andrade moves in again and lands a nice right, waves on another, then gets cut by a counter. Andrade showing the wear on her forehead after Round 4. MMA Fighting scores R4 for Jedrzejczyk, 10-9 (39-37 overall for Jedrzejczyk)

Round 5: They share a hug before fifth. Andrade waves a left at Jedrzejczyk, and nothing but air. The champion staying on the outside, perhaps taking it a little easier so as not to get caught. Still, she's landing from range, the kicks and the jab. They are regular. Still with pop. Just steady flow from bell to bell. Adnrade is a warrior, though, and she just keeps coming forward. She wants this fight, she just doesn't have the tools. It's down to Hail Marys. Right hand from Andrade, and Jedrzejczyk lands one too. There's definitely some damage on the champ's face, but mostly from that opening round, Clinch and a sharp elbow from Joanna in close. Going to take a Herculean effort from Rose Namajunas to take out Jedrzejczyk. She is a machine in there. Andrade has never struggled like she is tonight. She's winging, but she is just out-classed. Andrade comes forward one last time, and Jedrzejczyk wraps her up, they go to fence. It'll end with a bit of Polish suffocation. Standing ovation for Jedrzejczyk. No shame in how Andrade went out. MMA Fighting scores R5 for Jedrzejczyk, 10-9 (49-46 overall for Jedrzejczyk)

UFC 211 official results: Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Jessica Andrade via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44)

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