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Jared Gordon’s fight with Michel Quinones scratched from UFC 211 prelims

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jared gordon Manny Fernandes, CFFC

The UFC 211 featherweight bout between Jared Gordon and Michel Quinones has been scrapped, according to UFC officials Thursday.

Shortly before the official weigh-ins got underway in Dallas, Texas, Gordon tweeted out that he suffered a bout of food poisoning on Thursday night, and had to be admitted to the hospital where he received an IV.

“Unfortunately I will not be fighting tomorrow,” Gordon wrote. “Everything was going smooth last night when I turned sick at about 8-9pm. I was experiencing food poisoning symptoms. I was admitted to the hospital, alongside UFC doctors. I was advised to use an IV, by both ER and UFC doctor which would make me ineligible to fight because of USADA’s rules. I’m extremely sorry to everyone who were going to attend and or watch. Just another bump in the road.”

For Gordon, it has been a triumphant, yet rocky road. He overcame heroin addiction, homelessness and incarceration in making his way to the UFC.

USADA’s rules, though, do not prohibit fighters from competing if they get an IV. The emergency use of an IV in the hospital is legal.