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UFC 210: Gegard Mousasi downs Chris Weidman in chaotic, controversial scene

UFC 210 Weigh-ins

The UFC 210 co-main event between Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman on Saturday night ended in chaos.

Mousasi was ruled the winner of the middleweight matchup via TKO at 3:13 of the second round following what was first called an illegal knee by referee Dan Miragliotta, then ruled legal.

Mousasi landed a pair of knees to Weidman. Weidman had one hand on the ground for the first knee, which would have been illegal under the old ruleset, but is now legal. Weidman, at first glance, appeared to have both hands on the mat for the second knee, which would still be illegal under the rules implemented this year, but replays showed Weidman’s hand was up before the knee landed.

Compounding matters, Weidman was still allowed time to recover, as if there was an illegal knee, then the doctor called off the fight at Buffalo’s Key Bank Center.

"That’s not my fault, I don’t know," Mousasi said as he was booed by the crowd. "He can have the rematch no problem, I was ready to continue the fight. I was ready to continue, I apologize to Weidman, I like the guy I was ready to fight I was fighting."

The controversial ending put a stop to what had been an entertaining, back-and-forth scrap. Mousasi (42-6-2) won his fifth straight fight and seventh in his past eight.

Weidman (13-3), the former UFC middleweight champ, lost his third straight bout.

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