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Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier’s weigh-in controversy ‘one of the dirtiest things I’ve seen in sports’

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Jon Jones is not pulling any punches on the controversial UFC 210 weigh-in.

Daniel Cormier, Jones’ longtime rival, somehow lost 1.2 pounds in less than three minutes Friday morning after missing weight the first time at 206.2 pounds. Cormier was holding onto the privacy towel during the second weigh-in attempt, in which he hit the 205-pound mark.

Jones said he believes Cormier was using the towel to shift his weight, putting less weight on the scale. He questioned why the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) allowed it.

“The crazy thing is that it was allowed to happen,” Jones said. “I would imagine there has to be some type of commission or something to go back and see this blatant foul play and address it. Nobody addressed it. They just basically got away with one of the dirtiest things I’ve seen in sports.”

Cormier defends his UFC light heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson in the main event of UFC 210 on Saturday night in Buffalo. Jones will likely face the winner once he comes back from his USADA doping suspension. “Bones,” though, was already going on the offensive Friday, lobbing accusations at Cormier.

“That was absolutely nuts,” Jones said. “I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I watched the guy. If you focus on his hands, you can see him looking down and like, balancing out his weight just right to make 205. What a clever trick. Very dishonest of him.”

Cormier said in a media scrum Friday that he was hanging onto the towel so people wouldn’t see his “junk.”

Jones, 29, beat Cormier in 2015 via unanimous decision to retain the light heavyweight title. Jones was stripped of the belt months later when he was arrested on a hit-and-run charge. The former champ was reinstated last year, beat Ovince Saint Preux in April 2016 and then was supposed to meet Cormier, now the titleholder, in the main event of UFC 200 last July. But three days before the event, Jones was pulled due to a failed drug test.

“Bones,” who is in town partially because he’s an upstate New York native, tested positive for estrogen blockers clomiphene and Letrozol. He was suspended by both USADA and the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) for one year, retroactive to July 2016. So he’ll be able to return this July.

Cormier, 38, said this week that Jones looks “desperate” for being in Buffalo this weekend and issued a threat if he came into the Octagon after a Cormier victory.

“He [Jones] better not come in my cage after I win,” Cormier said during a media scrum Thursday at open workouts. “He’s not welcomed in there, he’s still suspended. When he's eligible to fight, then he can walk in the cage, but if he dares to step foot in that Octagon, something bad will happen.”

It was Jones’ turn Friday to send some trash talk back toward Cormier.

“It was just some of the dumbest sh*t that I’ve ever heard,” Jones said. “I think he’s just really upset that I’m here. And it kind of stole some of his spotlight, which was definitely not my intention.

“He hates me. That’s safe to say. I annoy him a lot and that definitely works to my advantage, to be so deep in this guy’s head.”