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Daniel Cormier explains controversial UFC 210 weigh-in

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Daniel Cormier (EL, MMAF)
Daniel Cormier explains the bizarre UFC 210 weigh-in situation.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Regardless of your take on what went down at the chaotic UFC 210 official weigh-ins Friday in Buffalo, on one item, there’s little room for dispute: UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier had one brutal weight cut.

Cormier initially weighed in at 206.2 pounds, 1.2 pounds above the division’s championship weight limit, then re-weighed less then three minutes later at 205 on the nose, making his matchup with challenger Anthony Johnson official.

While many have pointed to the fact Cormier leaned on a towel in his second weigh-in, an old trick from the amateur wrestling world, Cormier believes a faulty scale was the culprit.

“It was crazy, I weighed in upstairs and I was like ‘Man I’m OK, I’m going to do this,’’ Cormier said on FOX Sports 1. “It was harder than normally, but we figured we had it done, the scale was weighing different.”

Cormier later said in a scrum that he was holding the towel to make his no one saw his “junk” and was not trying to manipulate the scale.

At that point, it appeared that Cormier would have to forfeit his championship, as, under the new early weigh-in system, it’s expected fighters only have one opportunity to weigh-in. New York, however, had a provision that gives championship fighters two extra hours to weigh in after a weight miss, which changed the game for Cormier.

“We went in the back and they informed me that the New York state rule is you can actually re-weigh, and if you don’t make it, you have two hours to actually make the weight, so I started feeling pretty confident after that,” he said.

“I would have made weight then or made it two hours later,” Cormier continued. “I had a pound when the scale was weighing the way it was weighing, I would have lost a pound in two hours and still made weight.”

Either way, Cormier is 38 years old and started his career at heavyweight, so he seems ready to acknowledge that making 205 pounds is going to continue being a challenge from here on in.

“The last couple have been tough,” Cormier said. “I’m getting older, I’m 38 years old, fighting in a weight class I didn’t start my career in.”