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Former Bellator champ Marcos Galvao has savings stolen in robbery


Marcos Galvao went to Brazil on vacation following his loss to Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 175, and had an unpleasant surprise when he flew back home to New York.

The former Bellator bantamweight champion returned to New York on Thursday morning following a 15-day trip to Brazil, and found out that someone invaded his home and stole the money he had saved from his most recent fights.

"My house is fine, they didn’t take the TV or anything like that,” Galvao told MMA Fighting, “but they took the money I had in the safe."

The door is intact, Galvao says, and "the only person that has the key to my house is the owner, who lives downstairs. I have no suspects. It’s weird.”

"Man, I was saving that money for a longtime,” he continued. "I have to pay the income tax, and I don’t have it anymore.”

Galvao started a GoFundMe to raise money to pay his bills, and has already raised more than $25,000 in five days.

"The burglars took everything I've worked so hard for and saved," Galvao wrote on the GoFundMe page. "I have no family and no other money other then what I earn when I fight. I am asking you guys to help me with whatever you can to help me at least until I get my head straight and get back on my feet. Anything helps. I literally have no money for rent, groceries, bills, taxes, and your every day expenses."

"With $20,000, I can pay my income tax, my rent, cable and electricity,” Galvao told MMA Fighting. "But I hope I can get more money, man. Everybody knows I don’t need to lie. I’m a humble guy who don’t ask for money at all, and I know there are people who need it more than me, people with cancer who need it.

"If the police gets my money back, that would be great. It’s in their hands. The New York police is no joke, man.”

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo also raised money for "Loro", donating all the profits of everything sold at his burger shop on Tuesday.

"I’d like to thank everyone in Brazil, especially the Nova Uniao guys,” Galvao said. "It doesn’t mater that I fought ‘Dudu’ (Dantas), I love all of them. (Jose) Aldo, Leo (Santos), Marlon (Sandro), they are all supporting me. ‘Dudu' sent me a message as well. I’m happy with their support."

Coming off a decision loss in his featherweight debut inside the Bellator cage, “Loro" hopes to be able to compete at the Bellator 180 event in New York. He was already campaigning to compete at Madison Square Garden, but losing his savings is another reason to ask for a fight on June 24.

"That would be ideal for me,” Galvao said. "I’d have enough time to solve this case and clear my head before I prepare for a fight. My birthday is a day before the event, so if Bellator can give me this present, that would be great."

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