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Morning Report: Georges St-Pierre believes in ring rust but says it won’t be a factor against Michael Bisping

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UFC 186 Weigh Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

At an undisclosed time and location later this year, the greatest welterweight of all time, Georges St-Pierre, will come out of retirement to challenge for the UFC middleweight championship against Michael Bisping. It’s a fight that has created a lot of controversy but it’s also a fight that has has raised a lot of questions, chief among them, how will St-Pierre look after a four-year layoff from the sport?

St-Pierre believes he has the answer. Answering fan questions for Hayabusa on their Facebook page yesterday, St-Pierre says he believes in the concept of ring rust but that because he is such an experienced fighter, he doesn’t think it will play much of a factor in their contest after the first few minutes.

“I believe in ring rust. People say there’s no such thing but I believe in ring rust. It will be an issue but I’m a very experienced man. I’m one of the guys that’s spent the most time in the octagon in the UFC, maybe the most, I’m not sure in terms of time. I think because I have a lot of experience, the more time I will spend as the fight goes, the more comfortable I will be. For me, it will be very important [at] the first second of the fight. That’s when I will have to be very aware, very careful. That will be the most dangerous moment for me because when you have ring rust, that’s the hardest part of the fight. When you just step in and the fight start, that’s where the ring rust comes from, the difficulty of adaptation. But after a few minutes, I will be back to normal.”

St-Pierre is in fact one of the most tenured fighters in UFC history as far as actual cage time goes. In his 21 UFC fights, St-Pierre has amassed 5 hours 28 minutes and 12 seconds of fight time, good for third all-time behind Frankie Edgar (6:17:49) and Bisping (5:48:40). That experience will certainly come in handy as St-Pierre has been out of action for well over three years, possibly four depending on when the fight actually happens. Very few fighters ever return to action after layoffs that long and even less do so successfully while competing at a higher weight division. It’s this second part which St-Pierre says may be tougher to deal with but is ultimately part of the appeal in challenging himself.

“When I knew that we were going to fight Michael Bisping, when I signed it, that’s when I decided to try and put [on] a little bit more weight. I won’t be able to put [on] a lot because I’m a natural guy but I’m already a little bit bigger than I was. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been, right now, in my life. Bisping will still be bigger than me but I’m confident it will help...

“It’s not my natural size. I’ve never been that big in my life but as a man, I’m gonna be honest, men want to have bigger muscles. They want to be big, so it’s a good thing. I’m happy to be a little bit bigger. [Smiling]. This is not the weight class I’m used to competing at, but for that fight, I want to make history against Michael Bisping. It’s a guy that I want to fight and he wants to fight me. It’s the guy with the highest stock right now and he’s the man to beat, so that’s why I’m doing it.”

If St-Pierre can successfully return and defeat Bisping, he will indeed make history, becoming only the second man in UFC history to win a second title in a weight class above the one in which he won his first belt. It’s an accomplishment that would, perhaps for a time, cement himself as the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen.


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Diego ain’t retiring it seems.

This is a heart felt message for all the supporters of what I do but more importantly what I stand for as a athlete a man and warrior of the octagon, after evaluating the situation with a clear mind I have two options? The first is to feel sorry for myself start doubting myself, god and everything that makes me a winner? Thinking negative like many people would and even are the people that are not in my shoes the people who have no clue and just are so fast to throw out retirement and this and that? YOUR NOT ME! So just shut your mouths right now before even saying it, ITS NOT YOURS TO SAY! I speak from the heart and do not sugar coat SHIT! so there's that path the quitters path? Or there is the DIEGO path what being a Lionheart is all about it's about picking your self up when you fall learning how you fell and how to prevent it from happening again? This was the first KO of my career some fighters experience it more than ounce in over a decade of fighting the very best UFC has put in front of a man. Loosing is a part of this sport, I choose to believe in my god given abilities and had work earned talent! I choose to believe in my dream! I am confident, I am experienced, i am still very healthy, young for my physical age and more driven and hungry for success than ever. So I choose to continue to roar like a lion for the lord Jesus and do what I do and that's fight ON! To all my fans and friends that believe in me I love you guys! To all my family that loves me and has there concerns let me assure you I have been tested at the best facilities In The world my cognitive health is the same if not better than it's ever been I'm sharp sober minded and extremely healthy so I know it hurts to see a warrior you love fall but it's part of it and when I am no longer able to compete with the best fighters in the world i will look to what is next! As for now I'm a beast that got caught with a perfect shot I'm all good and will be back with adjustments that will prevent that from ever happening again! So today I thank god I was not injured In The fight , I still have a iron jaw and a lion heart and a sober mind. You doubters you gonna doubt it's what do ❤️

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As annoying as the whole process is with #usada it still makes me proud to know what we are doing. @ufc

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Would not have guessed the Diaz brothers would wear those jeans.

Out here Cannibus cup 2017 wit tha homies #westside #100

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2003: Matt Hughes retained his welterweight title by winning a unanimous decision over Sean Sherk at UFC 42. This event also featured the UFC debut of future middleweight champion Rich Franklin who stopped Evan Tanner with punches in the first round.

2004: Pride Total Elimination 2004 occurred featuring the first round of their heavyweight grand prix. Highlights include Fedor Emelianenko submitting Mark Coleman with an armbar and Kevin Randleman knocking out Mirko Cro Cop.

2015: Demetrious Johnson recorded the latest stoppage in UFC history, submitting Kyoji Horiguchi at 4:59 of the fifth round in their flyweight title fight at UFC 186.


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