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Morning Report: Conor McGregor: If Floyd Mayweather ‘craps his jocks’ maybe I’ll fight Manny Pacquiao instead

UFC 205 photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

On Wednesday, UFC President White went on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd where he speculated that Conor McGregor would make close to $75 million for his theoretical superfight with Floyd Mayweather. Based on his estimates, White envisions McGregor receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 43 percent of the purse split. Of course, McGregor took that idea and ran with it, claiming that he will make over $100 million dollars for his fight when it actually happens.

But McGregor didn’t stop there. The UFC lightweight champion took to Instagram yesterday to help a fan who sent in footage of himself doing pad work. McGregor filmed some tips for the young fighter and then commented that the boxing skills he was showcasing were so impressive that “Floyd may crap his jocks” and bail out of the fight. He then hinted that that if Mayweather does so, there are other boxers out there for him to fight as well including former Mayweather opponent, Manny Pacquiao.

“The focus has been solely boxing lately but make no mistakes, the kicking and grappling aspects, and everything else got to do with unlimited free fighting, is still very much present in my thoughts. Floyd may crap his jocks after all and if so I will go back to true fighting or just pick another boxer like manny or something. But whatever that's another conversation.I like to build fighters and watch their progression. I have built many to this date, and all unintentionally. One is fighting in the UFC main event this weekend. When my son is born I will build him up into a multiple free fighting world champion also. Just like his old man. I look forward to it.”

You start throwing out talk of $75 million dollar paydays for changing sports, and I guess everyone becomes an attractive option.


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The rankings report is always pretty decent because of Forrest.

“Finally a win for Travis Browne” is an absolutely fire line.

Woodley on GSP.

GSP interview where he calls Khabib P4P #1.


A Mark Hunt.... interview? I guess that’s what you call this.

Mark Hunt Interview

Laura Daniel goes 1 on 1 with UFC Heavyweight Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt

Posted by Jono and Ben on Thursday, April 20, 2017


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Conor thinks he’s making $100M and I cannot believe that will happen.

Conor had a big day though.

Arnold full of praise.

TJ’s Twitter was pretty solid in responding to Garbrandt and Faber going apes**t on him.

Got dayum.

Meanwhile, this is what Cody has to offer.

I support the hell out of this marketing effort from Borg.


This doesn’t exactly sound like Bendo


Classic Sage.

That’s a lot of Reese’s.


Gian Villante (15-8) vs. Patrick Cummins (9-4); UFC on Fox 25, July 22.


2007: Gabriel Gonzaga shocked the MMA world by knocking out Mirko Cro Cop with a head kick at UFC 70.

2012: Jon Jones settled the grudge match, winning a unanimous decision over Rashad Evans to retain his UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 145.


It’s finally Lobov time. I’ll happen to be in attendance doing coverage for this one so if you see me in Nashville over the weekend, feel free to say hi and talk fights. Otherwise, enjoy the weekend and Conor bless.

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