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Cody Garbrandt, T.J. Dillashaw give their side to heated TUF 25 altercation

It didn’t take long for UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw to get physical during the filming of the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Both Garbrandt and Dillashaw, who served as opposing coaches of TUF 25 and are scheduled to fight at UFC 213 on July 8, went at it in just the first episode of the season, which premiered on Wednesday night. After going back and fourth in trash talk prior to the weigh-ins of the first tournament bout, Garbrandt grabbed Dillashaw by the throat, igniting a brief scuffle.

The beef between the two TUF coaches dates back almost two years ago when they were training under the same roof of Team Alpha Male. Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male to Team Elevation caused plenty of drama, which has been well documented.

Following the first episode of TUF 25, both Garbrandt and Dillashaw gave their take on the on the heated altercation on FOX Sports’ TUF talk.

“What happened was that Gilbert [Smith] and Seth [Baczynski] got into it,” explained Garbrandt. “Gilbert was in his team room with T.J. and his team, and and Seth was in the other room by himself, and that’s what happened. Now, they were talking crap about Seth, and Seth confronted them and said, ‘hey, I'm not disrespecting you guys, you guys don't have to talk bad about me, we’re going to fight,’ and Gilbert ended up coming to our training session, so I was pretty upset about that. He [Gilbert] want back into the room and told T.J., ‘watch this fighter,’ and this was our training session, so that kind of unfolded with the walk out to do the face-off for the weigh-ins.

“Me and T.J. had a couple of words back-and-fourth, so I just let him know what he is fake, that he's got these guys portraying something that they’re not and that he’s the fakes person on this show. And he came back with the, ‘you’re fake’ and said it to my face, so I grabbed him by his throat. That’s the only way to handle a snake, go out there and grab them by the throat.”

Dillashaw didn’t expect for the trash talking to turn into something physical, and believes it was just an attempt from Garbrandt to cause some drama.

“The whole thing got blown out of proportion for no reason,” Dillashaw explained. “Cody found whatever reason he could to create even more drama. I think that guy likes that insecurity and just that anger to fight someone, he wants it.

“He's coming at me, but he's only doing it when everyone's there and it will get split up in a second. He doesn't have the words to come back and put things together and do it on the spot. All he can do is lash out physically.”

Duane Ludwig, former Team Alpha Male coach and current coach of Dillashaw, also weighed in on the matter – as he’s also part of the drama that unfolded in the Sacramento based team almost two years ago – saying that the whole situation could’ve been avoided, and that it was a cheap shot from Garbrandt.

"My reaction was that it shouldn't have happened,” Ludwig said. “The staff should be there to avoid that. Ultimately, it's the accountability of Cody to make sure he's representing the company and himself as the champion more morally. It wasn't real honorable, I'll say that. It was a sneaky shot."

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