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New Professional Fighters League promises monthly paycheck for athletes


On Wednesday morning, the public learned that World Series of Fighting had turned into the Professional Fighters League, with the inaugural season set to kick off in January 2018.

Just hours before the news was made official, though, Ray Sefo, president of PFL’s fighting operations and formerly of WSOF, e-mailed the 100+ fighters on the roster to inform them of the news.

Below is a copy of that e-mail:

Most notable were two promises made by Sefo:

1. Every fighter will have regular fights, no less than three scheduled per year.

2. Every fighter will receive a regular paycheck each month.

It’s unknown at this time how the promotion intends to pay the fighters a monthly salary. It also currently remains to be seen how many current WSOF fighters will be brought over to the new organization.

The inaugural season will run for ten months and will feature seven different weight classes, though, officials declined to comment on which specific weight classes will be featured.

Each fighter will compete in three regular season fights. Those with the best records will move on to a playoff and then the championship round. It’s unclear at this time what would happen if fighters end up with identical regular-season record.

The seven tournament champions will win a one million dollar purse. An additional three million dollars will be shared between other regular season and playoff competitors, but specific payout details weren’t immediately disclosed.

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