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UFC hopeful Sabina Mazo reflects on viral head-kick knockout win at LFA 9

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Sabina Mazo made some noise in the world of mixed martial arts last weekend.

In just her third professional fight, the Colombian fighter picked up a highlight reel head-kick knockout victory over her opponent Jamie Thorton at Friday’s LFA 9 event in Shawnee, Okla. Mazo’s impressive head-kick knockout video quickly spread, compiling over a million views in the span of a few days. MMA Fighting recently caught up with Mazo to talk about her memorable knockout.

“To tell you the truth, it’s a dream come true,” Mazo explained. “I’ve always been looking for that, and I’ve always trained to do that. That’s what fighters are always trying to achieve, whether it’s a submission or a knockout, so it’s very rewarding seeing all the effort you put in your training pay off in just a few minutes. It’s a moment filled with adrenaline and happiness, a feeling of victory that to be honest, it’s hard to describe, but there’s so many emotions. So it’s very rewarding, there is no price to that feeling.”

Many are already considering Mazo’s finish to be an early candidate for knockout of the year, as Mazo’s timing and technique seemed to come together at the perfect moment to create a spectacular knockout. But despite all the buzz the young 20-year-old Mazo has created, she hasn’t allowed the new attention affect her and understands it’s just part of the process of accomplishing her dream of one day being the best in the world.

“Yeah, the video has been shared a lot, many comments, and people talking about it, but it’s just part of the job,” Mazo said. “I’m here to fight and become a world champion, so I know that’s part of the process. But yeah, there’s been a difference in attention for this fight.”

Mazo is currently undefeated with three victories in her young MMA career. Mazo began training four years ago at a muay thai gym in her hometown of Medellin, Colombia. After two years of training, Mazo’s coach David Gonzalez, a former student of Rafael Cordeiro, advised her to move to California to train at Kings MMA if she wanted to improve her game. Two years ago, Mazo made her move to the U.S. where she’s been been refining her skills at King’s MMA, while studying nutrition full-time.

Like most fighters, Mazo’s ultimate goal for her career is to reach the pinnacle of MMA, which is getting a hold of a UFC title.

“My goal in this career is to become a world champion,” Mazo said. “Maybe it won't happen in a year or whatever, but at this moment I’m just preparing myself to one day be one of the best fighters in the world. Right now I'm in LFA, but in a few years, I’d like to make it to the UFC and be able to represent my country and be the best fighter in the world.”