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Morning Report: Georges St-Pierre says Bisping’s size will make for ‘bigger boom’ when ‘he hits the floor’

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In the six weeks since his fight with Georges St-Pierre was announced, Michael Bisping has been pontificating about the former welterweight champion’s return in interviews and on social media. The middleweight champion has said that St-Pierre wants the fight because he thinks it’s an easy win. He also said that GSP has no intention of defending the belt (should he win it), but will instead chase a super-fight with Conor McGregor. Bisping even threatened to deny St-Pierre the title shot and give it to Yoel Romero if St-Pierre wouldn’t hurry up and agree to a date in July.

During all of this, St-Pierre has mostly remained mum about Bisping, but that silence ended over the weekend when Montreal’s native son spoke with RT Sport, responding to “The Count’s” comments. He also spoke about why he feels now is the time to make the move to 185 pounds despite his reluctance to do so during his run as the welterweight champion.

“I never was interested in moving up a division because I had a lot of work to do,” St-Pierre said. “Every time I finished a fight, I had another challenger coming at me and I also blew out the ACL in my knee. I had an injury, so I took some time off and I had to come back and right away defend the title again. Also one of the reasons is the weight. I’m not a big welterweight. I’m an average/middle-sized welterweight. Now that I have some time off, I took some time to gain a little bit of weight and make sure it’s well done.

“I’ve never been afraid to compete at 185 [pounds]. It’s not to fight at 185, the problem is when you train, you need to train with bigger guys and in order to train with bigger guys, it has more chance to have injuries. So that’s the thing. But now is the perfect opportunity for me to do it. I had some time off. I took some time to gain some weight. I’m still putting on some weight.”

Despite gaining weight for the fight, St-Pierre will still be giving up a good amount of size to Bisping, who won The Ultimate Fighter at light heavyweight and competed in that division for years. But St-Pierre isn’t worried because he believes the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

“Of course Michael Bisping will be bigger than me but I believe that will be the only advantage that he will have — his size. Technically, tactically, athletically, I have all the edges on him. It doesn’t matter if he’s taller and bigger than me. The only difference that it’s gonna make is when he hits the floor, it’s gonna make a bigger boom.”

St-Pierre explained that the reason a date for the fight is still up in the air is due to some clearances and “other things” with USADA, though he expects the fight will take place in the summer. As for Bisping’s threats to fight Romero if he isn’t ready for July, GSP said it’s a bluff.

“I think he’s lying,” he said. “I know he wants to fight me and I want to fight him and this fight’s gonna give him more money. It comes down to his decision but if he wants to do it, I’m down to do it. That’s who I’m getting ready for. If things change, I’m gonna have to turn around and do a quick turnaround but no problem. I can do it. But he’s the man, he’s the one that has the belt. For me, he’s [got] the highest stock right now and I always aim for the high area.”

One of Bisping’s contentions was that GSP would win the belt and then go moonlighting outside the division. Namely, that St-Pierre will try and fight Demian Maia for the welterweight title (assuming Maia beats current champion Tyron Woodley) and then go for his third belt by fighting Conor McGregor. And though this master plan has picked up steam among the fans, St-Pierre remained coy when discussing the big picture.

“It’s a very ambitious plan [Bisping laid out],” he said. “I have a plan in the back of my head but I’m not gonna talk about it right now because I’m not a talker, I’m a doer. A lot of people need to talk to promote themselves. Everybody knows who’s who here. I’m not a new fighter. They know who I am. My fights talk by themselves, my resume talks by [itself]. It’s gonna depend on what’s gonna happen and how it’s gonna happen when I fight Michael Bisping. When this fight will be finished, I will go to reorient my career but it could be anything.

For a man who “always aims for the high area” an ambitious plan like that might make a whole lot of sense.


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And we’re back for the biggest fight weekend of the year. That’s right, it’s Lobov time! Enjoy your Monday’s and see y’all tomorrow.

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