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Jose Aldo says it’s not worth it being the good guy anymore: 'Talking makes the fight bigger'

UFC 200 kickoff press conference photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Jose Aldo is looking to unify the UFC featherweight belts with interim champion Max Holloway in the UFC 212 main event June 3 in Rio de Janeiro, and welcomes his opponent’s trash talk leading up to the 145-pound contest.

After dealing with Conor McGregor for more than a year in the past, Aldo admits he changed his mind about pre-fight talk, seeing it as a way to make more money when he steps inside the Octagon to compete.

"I think that this rivalry is great because it sells more and gives us money,” Aldo said at the UFC 212 press conference on Tuesday. "We’re going through a new generation now that is completely different than when I started in the sport. When I started, athletes fought for honor, respect, philosophy. Today, it’s not a real fighter. It’s this joke. If you don’t talk, you fight for nothing, you’ll be left behind."

"Rankings mean nothing, you have to talk trash,” he continued. "What drives this (sport) today is money, and that’s super normal to me now. I made a lot of money (against McGregor), and I’m thinking about it now. I think about continuing being champion and having my honor and respect, but it’s not worth being the good guy anymore. The thing is to talk trash. Talking makes the fight bigger. … When the fight is over, everyone goes in opposite sides with money in the pocket. You have to talk trash because that brings money."

Aldo, who recently tried to get a fight done with lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov at 155 pounds, hinted at “superfights” he’s interested in taking after dealing with Holloway.

"I have this fight first, and after I win, I’ll think about what’s next,” Aldo said. "The division has stopped for a bit. Not only my division, but lightweight too. I tried to get a fight done (at lightweight) but it didn’t happen. After I win, we’ll see. I already have a few fights in my head. I want superfights, to challenge other opponents. After I win, I have a plan in my head."

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