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UPDATED: Mark Hunt did not suffer broken tibia at UFC 209

UFC 209 photos

Mark Hunt left with more than a loss at UFC 209.

The top-10 heavyweight initially said he broke his right tibia during his bout with Alistair Overeem in the opening fight of the UFC 209 main card, which took place on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Hunt was taken to the hospital following the bout.

However, sources close to Hunt’s camp later amended things, telling that while Hunt was very sore, there was no broken bone and no serious injury.

The incident happened when Hunt threw a leg kick to Overeem midway into round one. Immediately after Hunt’s shin clashed against Overeem’s knee, the ‘Super Samoan’ began to bleed profusely. Hunt went on to fight until he was stopped by Overeem at the 1:44 mark of round three.

The defeat marked Hunt’s second loss to Overeem, as they previously fought almost a decade ago at Dream 5 in Japan. The 42-year-old heavyweight is now 12-11-1 and one no contest as a professional fighter.

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