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Bubba Jenkins signs with ACB, debuts next week

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Bubba Jenkins has a new home.

Less than a month after parting ways with Bellator, Jenkins has signed a multi-fight deal with Absolute Championship Berkut, the promotion announced Friday. Jenkins will make his promotional debut versus lightweight Ali Bagov at ACB 54 in Manchester, England, on March 11.

Jenkins (11-3) left Bellator after going 8-3 under the promotion’s banner competing in lightweight and featherweight fights. Bagov (22-10), who was originally scheduled to face Alexandre Pimentel at the event, recently had an eight-fight finishing streak snapped.

Right after leaving Bellator, Jenkins opened up on his relationship with the promotion in an interview with MMA Fighting.

“I wouldn’t say that big name fighters in other organizations want to leave,” Jenkins said. “I would say they get released, or they get this or they that, but for them to want to leave is something about the organization. Why is it that Hector Lombard wanted to leave Bellator? Why is it that Eddie Alvarez wanted to leave Bellator? Why is it that Will Brooks — being a champion of the sport, their champion — wanted to leave? Why is it that people want leave this organization in the prime of their championship buzz?

“I believe Bellator has their certain guys — and every organization has their breadwinners — but it’s like man, when you have a guy that’s been aiming for the top with you and he gets to the top or a he gets to certain platform where he’s like, ‘okay, I’ve been working this hard, can you show me that you care for me,’ and then they’re just like, well we don’t really care for you, and they let people to go or they push you out. It’s like, what kind of sport are we in? It’s such a dog eat dog world.”