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Nate Diaz goes after Dana White: ‘This f***er can’t stop making sh*t up about me’

UFC 202 Press Conference Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Nate Diaz isn’t too happy with UFC president Dana White.

In fact, on Monday Diaz tweeted out his sentiments in regards to a recent interview White gave TMZ, in which the UFC president said perhaps Diaz was holding out for a trilogy fight with Conor McGregor.

“This fucker can't stop making shit up about me and I haven't been offered any fights except the one Iaughed at.”

He inserted a middle finger emoji, as well as a fist.

In the interview, White was asked about Diaz’s whereabouts, and when to expect him back.

“I have no idea,” he said. “Maybe he is holding out for McGregor. Conor has endless possibilities for a fight.”

White said in that same interview that it wasn’t from lack of trying.

“We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down,” he said. “Nick, too,”


Diaz last competed in August at UFC 202, the highly-anticipated rematch against McGregor. The fight drew an estimated 1.65 pay-per-view buy rate, which broke the previous record of UFC 100 (which did in he range of 1.5 million).

Since then McGregor fought Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title at UFC 205 in November, and is now in the exploratory phase of trying to put together a colossal boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Diaz has also applied for a boxing license, and told MMA Fighting in December that he had specific interests.

“I’m only fighting at lightweight for a big fight or 20 million [dollars] just to take the call,” he said. “Until then, I’m just living my life.”

Diaz reportedly turned down a fight with Eddie Alvarez recently. White said last month that he had offered Diaz a bout, to which Diaz also answered on Twitter.

“Lol at your fight...” he wrote.

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