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War Machine found guilty on 29 charges in Christy Mack assault case

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MMA Fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine Booking Photo Photo by Simi Valley Police Department via Getty Images

Jonathan Koppenhaver, the former UFC and Bellator fighter also known as War Machine, was found guilty on 29 charges stemming from his assault case against ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and Corey Thomas on Monday in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas — charges which could send him to prison for life without parole.

Koppenhaver was found guilty on 29 of 34 possible charges by a Clark County jury, including sexual assault, battery, and kidnapping. Three charges ended in a not guilty verdict. The most severe charges, a pair of attempted murder charges, resulted in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

Koppenhaver is scheduled to receive his sentencing on June 5 in Las Vegas.

Koppenhaver, 35, carried out a brutal assault against Mack and Thomas in Aug. 2014 which left Mack suffering from numerous injuries included a punctured lung and several broken bones. The former fighter has been incarcerated since his apprehension in mid-2014. In January, Koppenhaver turned down two separate plea deals offered by the state of Nevada, one for 16 years to life in prison, and the other for 18 to 40 years.

Following Monday’s verdict, Mack posted the following statement on Twitter:

Koppenhaver fought for both the UFC and Bellator over the course of his 10-year mixed martial arts career, accumulating a record of 14-5. He suffered a technical submission loss to Ron Keslar in Oct. 2013 at Bellator 104, a result that will most likely end up marking the final fight of his MMA career.