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Who’s the real drama queen? Tyron Woodley, Dana White jokingly discuss

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Drama Queen Gate might have hit its crescendo.

Tyron Woodley and Dana White came face to face Thursday at UFC 209 media day and seemed to be on good terms. The UFC welterweight champion and UFC president joked about calling each other drama queens in recent interviews on a FOX Sports Twitter video.

White said on ESPN Radio two weeks ago that Woodley has not connected with fans the way others have in part because he’s a “drama queen.” Woodley fired back on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour by saying White was “the biggest drama queen.”

“I just think that we've seen Dana, if you get Dana mad, he gets really mad,” Woodley said Monday. “And then really quickly — I think he’s mad at so many people, I think he forgets he’s mad at you. And he almost just wipes it from his memory. I thought it was actually kind of funny when he called me a drama queen.”

On Thursday, the two seemed to bury the hatchet — if not agree who the real drama queen was. Woodley referred to them as “Drama Queen 1” and “Drama Queen 2.” White said there’s “only one drama queen in this scene.”

Woodley said he was a good luck charm for White’s New England Patriots, who came back to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl last month. Woodley and White went to the game together.

“He knows he’s a drama queen, but he’s a damn good luck charm to bring to the Super Bowl with you,” White said with a laugh.

Woodley wouldn’t let him have it, saying White was talking in the third person.

“Takes one to know one,” Woodley said.