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Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson get testy in interview: ‘Why you gotta be so mean?’

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Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson just turned up the promotion game.

The relationship between the two, even going back to before they fought at UFC 205, has been mostly cordial and respectful. It got pretty tense, though, in an interview Thursday on ESPN.

Woodley said it was funny that Thompson is considered the better striker since he outstruck him back in November in what ended up being a majority draw. Thompson replied that Woodley only hit him two times that did any damage. Woodley countered that he dropped him four times, which Thompson tried to laugh off as being untrue.

“That’s how you know your head is so shook,” Woodley said. “You got knocked down four times. How I hit you twice and you got knocked down four times?”

Thompson replied: “Four times? … That’s in the past, though.”

“Your math is off,” Woodley fired back. “Maybe you should have went to college.”

Both men, who will meet in the main event of UFC 209 on Saturday night in Las Vegas, still agreed that things were not personal between them. Woodley just wants to defend his UFC welterweight title and Thompson wants to take it from him.

“Why you gotta be so mean, man?” Thompson joked after the trash talk. “This guy is so mean.”

Woodley laughed, but said Thompson is the one who is always talking. Thompson said he’s going out there to prove he’s the best 170-pound fighter in the world, to which Woodley replied: “You’re going out there to fool yourself.”

Another thing they could both agree on: neither was pleased with the draw at UFC 205.

“It wasn’t the victory that I wanted to have and now we’re dong it again,” Woodley said. “I’m gonna let those 4-ounce gloves do the talking.”