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Jacare Souza wants double knockout in Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre title fight

RIO DE JANEIRO — Michael Bisping will put his UFC title on the line against Georges St-Pierre later this year, and middleweight contender Ronaldo Souza hopes for a rare ending in the contest.

“Jacare”, who was hoping to get his chance at the middleweight belt, said during a media scrum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday afternoon, that he’s not cheering for either one of the men involved in the upcoming championship bout.

“I want them to suffer a double knockout,” Souza said. “I want them to f—k themselves, man. That’s the reality. I don’t care about this fight. That’s the same thing I said when Bisping fought Dan Henderson. I didn’t care, too. I won’t even watch this crap.”

Currently scheduled to face Robert Whittaker at UFC on FOX 24 on April 15, “Jacare" wonders why St-Pierre decided to move up to 185 pounds now instead of when Anderson Silva was the middleweight king.

"I already imagined this could happen,” he said. “In fact, a lot of thing has happened in the UFC. What upsets me is not the fact that St-Pierre is fighting Bisping. It’s normal to me, he can fight, but he never fought at 185, he always said he was too small. He was always scared of fighting Anderson, everybody knows that, and now he’s back and fighting at 185.

"Okay, nice, so fight me, I’m here. Come fight me, come earn this, and you won’t go through me, for sure, and then you fight Bisping. Fight (Yoel) Romero, and if you get past Romero you fight Bisping. No, he went straight to the belt, so that's weird and bad for the middleweight division because no one’s happy with this bullsh-t. That's the reality."

Souza, who was a plan B at UFC 205 in case Chris Weidman or Yoel Romero get injured prior to the event in New York, said he won’t accept to be in the same condition for Bisping vs. GSP.

“I'm the champion, I wasn’t born to be a plan B for no one,” Souza said. “If they call me, they will have nothing. I’m not going."

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