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Matt Hughes considering comeback fight

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It appears as though Matt Hughes is considering a comeback.

Hughes, who hasn’t fought since September 2011, recently told Joe Buck that he’s “in talks” to fight again.

“If I could find an opponent that I could definitely beat, I would go again,” Hughes said in an interview that was shot earlier this month.

Hughes sat down with Buck earlier this month for an upcoming episode of AT&T Audience Network’s “Undeniable with Joe Buck,” which is currently in its third season and can be seen only on AT&T Audience Network and DIRECTV NOW Wednesday’s at 8 p.m. ET. The Hughes interview, which is slated for season four, is scheduled to air late summer/early fall 2017.

In the interview, Hughes hints that he’s talking about fighting a previous guest on Buck’s show. While he doesn’t mention who he’s referring to, sources say it’s Royce Gracie, who Hughes beat at UFC 60 in May 2006.

Hughes, the former UFC welterweight champion, retired in 2013 following two knockout losses in a row and promptly accepted a position within the UFC as vice president of athlete development and government relations. He was fired from the organization in December as part of company-wide layoffs following the sale to WME|IMG.

"The UFC has been great to me," Hughes told MMA Fighting after he was relieved of his duties in December. "Times change, and I understand the decision that was made. I will move on. My family and I are fine.

"I do love adventure, and who knows what's next for me."

Hughes didn’t respond when contacted by MMA Fighting on Wednesday.

According to multiple sources, the 43-year-old has had talks with Bellator recently about fighting again but no offer has been made and those talks were classified as preliminary.