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Bethe Correia disagrees with majority draw, believes she defeated Marion Reneau

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Correia vs Reneau Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Marion Reneau thinks she defeated Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 106, and the Brazilian bantamweight feels she should have gotten the nod after the majority draw.

Correia didn’t talk to the media right after the bout on Saturday night because she had to go to the hospital, but she didn’t fracture her orbital bone after all.

Speaking with MMA Fighting on Tuesday, Correia broke down the fight and revealed how she scored it.

“I believe I won the fight,” Correia said. “I lost the third round, but I disagree that it was a 10-8. It could be a 10-9. I started well in the (third) round, defended her attacks on the ground, so I don’t think it’s fair. One of the judges even gave (Reneau) one of the first rounds, and I disagree with that as well. But he’s there to judge, and I’m there to fight.”

All three judges gave Reneau a 10-8 in the final round. Two judges scored it a 28-28 draw, and the third judge, Marco Aurelio Borges, gave Reneau the advantage in the opening round, seeing it 29-27 in her favor.

“She was better in the third round,” Correia admits,” but I believe that if she hadn’t landed that kick, or if I wasn’t so tired, I’d have kept dominating her or maybe knocking her out.

“I expected her to fight that way. She didn’t do anything she hadn’t done before in her fights. And I think she didn’t expect my takedowns and ground and pound as well. But I got tired in the fight, dropped my hands in the third, and took that kick that got me completely dizzy."

Before and after the official decision was read, Correia did her traditional post-fight dance, and many didn’t understand why she was dancing since she didn’t win the bout.

“The crowd got me so excited, they gave me strength to continue fighting when I was hurt in the third round,” Correia explains. “It's my mark. Even in the UFC video game, I dance after the fights. Fans love it, they ask me to dance all the time.

“It was so beautiful what the crowd did for me there, chanting my name so I wouldn’t lose in the third round. And I thought I had won when the fight was over, so I was so happy I had to dance for them even though I was completely tired [laughs]."

Correia expects to be back to training in one month, and eyes a late-June, early-July return to the Octagon. The Brazilian bantamweight, who asks for an opportunity to compete in Europe next time, doesn’t rule out a second fight with Reneau, but has another rematch in mind.

"I think I won the fight, so I don’t have anything to prove to her or anyone else,” Correia said. “To me, I’m the best, so that’s it. A second fight, I’d do it if the UFC wants, but I’d rather avenge a loss against Raquel Pennington. I won that fight. I’m more interested in fighting her than Reneau, but I wouldn’t turn it down.”