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UFC Fight Night 106 results: Ray Borg outlasts Jussier Formiga

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UFC Fight Night 82

It wasn’t the flashiest win over his career. But Ray Borg is working his way up the flyweight ladder.

The 23-year-old from Albuquerque finished strong in the third round on Saturday night to earn the biggest victory of his career, taking a unanimous decision over veteran Jussier Formiga in Forteleza, Brazil.

The victory improved Borg to 11-2 and was his fifth in his past six fights.

“It wasn’t my most exciting performance but it’s hot as hell in here, what do you expect when I’m fighting the No. 3 in the world,” said Borg.

Truth be told, the outcome was in doubt until the scores were read, as both Borg and Formiga had their moments in the first two rounds. In the third, though, Borg turned up the heat and rained down elbows on the grounded and faded Formiga. It was all he could take in order to get to the final horn.

While Borg still has a ways to go in the flyweight division, he had some words for Demetrious Johnson and Wilson Reis, who will meet next month in Kansas City.

“I got a lot to work on, but DJ and Wilson, I’m coming, what’s up?”

Formiga’s second loss in his past three fights dropped him to 19-5.