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Yoel Romero trolls Michael Bisping with GoFundMe page for medical expenses

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Yoel Romero Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Yoel Romero has taken his trolling of UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping up a few new notches.

Romero, the winner of eight straight fights, is expected to get the next shot at Bisping’s title.

The two have traded insults for the past couple years, most memorably after Romero’s UFC 205 knockout victory over Chris Weidman at Madison Square Garden in November.

On Wednesday, Romero took things a step further, as he set up a GoFundMe page for Bisping in advance of their potential fight.

Romero claims the fund — which is likely be taken down by GoFundMe as a violation of their terms of service — will fund Bisping’s medical expenses and retirement party after the two compete.

“This is Mike, he will be needing money to survive after me and him meet in the octagon approximately May of 2017,” Romero’s page states. “He is happy in this picture after defending his title against another fighter and the devastation he went through has caused him to have surgery on his knee where all the visible damage was on his face. This surgery has prevented him from competing in a timely manner. After his fight with me, I am convinced he will need this money to rebuild his life, he has a family and I am deeply concerned for him. Please help any way that you can as all funds will be used for medical expenses and his retirement party. Thank you for your time and #ynuevo.”

Screen capture via GoFundMe