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Morning Report: Despite new women’s 145-pound title, Miesha Tate not tempted out of retirement

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Miesha Tate
Miesha Tate
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This weekend, UFC history will be made when Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie fight for the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight championship, officially opening up the first new weight class in the UFC since they added the strawweight division in 2014. But just because there are more championship opportunities available, don’t think that will lure former champion Miesha Tate out of retirement.

While speaking with MMA Junkie Radio on SiriusXM Rush on Tuesday, Tate explained that that she is happily retired and has no intention of returning.

“At this point, it’s not even on the radar, so I can’t say that will probably happen, because I don’t think that it will.”

Tate retired in the cage at UFC 205 after suffering a deflating loss to Raquel Pennington, her second in a row after dropping the title to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. It was the cap to a strange year for Tate who saw her start out 2016 by winning the title at UFC 196 from one of the women who will be fighting for the 145-pound belt in Holm.

Should Holm win on Saturday, and if Tate was inclined to come back, it could set up a major rematch for the UFC. But despite the opportunity to potentially become a two-weight world champion, Tate is adamant that the desire to fight again isn’t there.

“I’m really happy in the retirement, honestly. I’ve just been really enjoying myself and figuring out a little bit more about who I am beyond Miesha the fighter. It’s been a very interesting process, so I’m really enjoying that. I don’t have any plans to come back, or even any desire to.

“So unless that drastically changes, I don’t see myself going back in there. It’s an all-or-none sport. It’s got to be 110 percent, or not at all for me. So unless something makes me want to get back in there like a crazy person, I won’t be.”

And that goes for all weight classes. For a long time, Tate was considered possibly the best women’s flyweight in the world but neither Strikeforce nor the UFC had that division for her. Lately though, there have been rumors that the UFC is looking to add a women’s 125-pound division. But that still isn’t enough to lure Tate back into the cage. The former champion says that even if they did open up a strawweight division, she would definitely not want to try and make the weight and at this point, the same goes for 135 pounds too.

“Well, no. Because I don’t want to cut that much weight and I don’t want to diet that much anymore. I honestly would be more inclined to come back at 145 [pounds] even though I’d be really small for that division, but I’m just over the whole weight cutting thing. I don’t enjoy it and yeah, I used to be smaller and then because I got older I really filled out and got more muscle and all that stuff...

“I just don’t want to cut weight anymore. At all. I just want to be myself. Even if I’m only five pounds over, I don’t really care at 145. I used to be small for 135, I wouldn’t mind being small for 145 if that was ever gonna come to fruition.”

So while Tate maintains that “nothing’s impossible,” it seems like Tate is definitely gone for good.


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Take it easy and see y’all tomorrow.

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