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Georges St-Pierre: The new GSP would beat the old GSP

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Georges St-Pierre has made his first official statement since his return to the UFC was announced last week.

In a Thursday Instagram post by sponsor Hayabusa, the former longtime UFC welterweight champion didn’t tip his hand as to who he might like to fight first, but he did give his motivations for returning after an absence of three-plus years”

I think for me, it’s a good time to come back now is because I’m 35 years old. I just finished a training camp that I did to see if I was at a world-class level, and I feel at the best that shape of my life, better than I’ve ever done.

The Georges St-Pierre now would be the Georges St Pierre that was the greatest of the time that he used to compete. So I can’t wait to go back in there and show the people, including myself, to test my skill and see how everything goes.

The Montreal native is a two-time welterweight champion. His second reign ended when he voluntarily relinquished the belt on Dec. 2013 after a five-year, eight-month reign. He’s won 12 straight fights and 18 of his past 19.

You can watch the full post below:

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