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Morning Report: Michael Bisping responds to comments by Yoel Romero’s ‘scumbag’ manager Malki Kawa

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On Tuesday, Yoel Romero’s manager Malki Kawa went on The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM radio to discuss his client and current middleweight title picture. Kawa said, among other things, the current middleweight champion Michael Bisping is “absolutely ducking” Yoel Romero. Well Michael Bisping, who also has a show on SiriusXM didn’t take too kindly to that.

Bisping went on The Luke Thomas Show to respond to Kawa’s claims that he’s avoiding fighting the current number one contender in favor of, what Kawa describes as, easier match ups. Bisping insisted that the claims are untrue and that Kawa’s statements come from a place of pure self-interest.

“I’m not scared of Yoel Romero, contrary to what his idiotic manager said yesterday. What I understand is his idiotic manager needs Yoel to be in a big fight because right now, who is Malki Kawa managing? Who is earning pay from? He makes his money off fighters, his cash cow is Jon Jones who’s out of the equation right now. He’s not earning money off of him so he needs Yoel Romero to be in a big fight because Yoel’s not a big earner, to my knowledge. Malki needs some cash. That’s why he’s out here, talking a little bit of smack about me trying to generate some interest because he needs his 20 percent of Yoel Romero, simple as that.”

But beyond questioning Kawa’s motives for commenting, Bisping reiterated his position that he isn’t avoiding fighting Romero, merely that he would take the more lucrative option if it was presented to him as a choice.

“I haven’t been offered a fight. If they offer me Yoel Romero, I will take it. If they offer me GSP, I will take it. I’m not here for the good of the UFC. I’m here for the Bisping family, simple as that.

“I couldn’t care less about Yoel Romero. I couldn’t care less about his rights or his this or his that or whatever. His scumbag manager can cover it up but the guy tested positive for steroids. There’s no smoke without fire... I’ve got my questions about USADA confirming it was a tainted supplement. There’s no smoke without fire. But that’s old news. That’s old history. Again, I’m not here for the benefit of Yoel Romero. I’ve already said if the UFC offers me a fight with Yoel Romero, and I can take the fight and it’s in the timeline, I will take the fight. But I’m not here sitting at night worrying about what’s best for Yoel Romero.”

St-Pierre was one of the biggest draws in the sport at the time of his retirement and his return to the cage figures to be one of the biggest fights of 2017 from a numbers standpoint. Bisping himself estimates the difference for himself between a St-Pierre fight and a Romero fight would be “at least two and a half to three times the payday.”

But beyond just the economic drivers at play, the middleweight champion says there are other appealing parts to a St-Pierre match up, namely, the history of it.

“There is a certain stimuli to it. Georges St-Pierre and I were tied for most victories in the UFC. I’ve been around the UFC forever, he’s been around the UFC forever. I’m the middleweight champion, he was the one-time welterweight champ. Him coming back, after a long layoff, trying to become the middleweight champ; there’s a good storyline there and like I said, we’re both long-time fighters for the UFC so there is a storyline there.”

St-Pierre and Bisping are two of the most successful fighters in UFC history from a sheer longevity standpoint. Bisping holds the record for most wins in UFC history at 20, with St-Pierre tied for second at 19. Both are also top three in total octagon fight time with Bisping in second and St-Pierre in third behind only Frankie Edgar. In short, both men are surefire UFC Hall of Famers so if the UFC offers it up, Bisping intends to take advantage of the opportunity.

It’s not all bad news for Romero though because Bisping says he won’t keep the number one contender on the sidelines for long. If he does get the St-Pierre fight, the middleweight champion says he intends to have a quick turnaround afterwards.

“There’s also a story line of me taking on the number one contender and beating that guy which I want to do. And as I’ve said, if the UFC offer me Yoel Romero, I will take it. If the UFC offer me GSP, I will be happy man because it will be a bigger pay day. I’ll take either fight but I will say this: if it is Georges St-Pierre, it will be a quick turnaround and I will fight Yoel Romero either way.

“If it is Georges St-Pierre, if I win the GSP raffle so to speak, I will fight Yoel Romero in a quick turnaround - six weeks, seven weeks, something like that. I’ve said it before, Georges St-Pierre isn’t the type of guy, I don’t think, where I’m gonna come out of there black and blue. He’s not a big power puncher. If I lose that fight, I’d just get taken down and controlled on the ground for a bit. As I’ve said, that’s not gonna happen. I’ll do a quick turnaround, and I’ll happily face Yoel Romero. So we’re only talking six-eight weeks tops, and he’ll get the fight anyway. I’m just trying to get a pay day in between. I don’t see what the big issue is. He’s still gonna be there in six to eight weeks, I’m still gonna be there in six to eight weeks.”

Bisping is currently out of action until sometime early this summer after undergoing knee surgery to heal a slightly torn meniscus. St-Pierre does not yet have a set opponent or return date.


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Nikita Krylov statement on Instagram. If you can’t translate, there is one here which may or may not be valid.

Привет всем. Наверное, мне нужно кое-что объяснить. Б этом есть интервью на «Матч ТВ», но если коротко: У меня после боя с Мишей был новый контракт, который можно было подписать и продолжить выступления. Так получается, что мне уже второй раз присылают контракт после проигранного боя, но например, в тот момент, когда я проиграл Овинсу Сен-Пру, мне предложили намного лучшие условия на фоне предыдущих, а сейчас они почти не изменились. Решил предложить свои цифры, чуть большие, чем мне предлагали. Я посчитал, что я один из самых молодых бойцов в топ-10 рейтинга, все мои бои заканчиваются досрочно, и я вижу, сколько UFC платит некоторым с первых же поединков. Предполагал, что они могут не согласиться, так и вышло. Для UFC сейчас было удобнее всего разорвать со мной контракт: у меня проигранный бой, плюс им не понравилось, что я решил ставить условия. Я уже давно рассматриваю выступления вне UFC как продолжение карьеры. Например, я сейчас живу и тренируюсь в Москве, но вижу, что меня не знает российская публика. Мне хочется подраться в России, увеличить свою аудиторию, набраться опыта. Тем более UFC сейчас ушло с российского ТВ, они уже давно не позволяют размещать рекламу спонсоров. К тому же в США очень большие налоги, деньги тебе переводят на счет, и к примеру, когда зарабатываешь 50 тысяч по опубликованным гонорарам, на счет тебе уже приходит вдвое меньше, из них ты отдаешь часть менеджеру и на руки выходит не так много как кажется. Сейчас я думаю о том, что это пауза в карьере в UFC, но я хотел бы вернуться туда через два-три года с уже другими амбициями и другими возможностями. Сейчас я точно знаю, как могу развиваться в ближайшие годы, потому что я в принципе не так долго в ММА, и, когда я подписывался в UFC, я особо не знал что это такое. Если сравнить с компьютерной игрой, я пришел туда ботом и сейчас хорошо раскачал своего героя. #industrialsteam #nikitakrylov #mma

A post shared by Никита Крылов (@nikitakrylovufc) on

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