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Morning Report: Ian McCall details his issues at UFC 208: ‘My body just f**kin’ failed me

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Ian McCall weighs in for UFC 208 in Brooklyn. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

A few weeks ago, Ian McCall cemented his status as the most cursed man in MMA when he had yet another fight canceled, this time as a result of McCall falling ill on the day of the fight. It was McCall’s fifth fight in a row to be canceled and eight in the last three years. McCall was transported to the hospital to be treated for gastrointestinal issues and ended up remaining in New York for medical reasons.

Since then, McCall hasn’t spoke much about what transpired in the hours between weigh-ins and fight time, but this weekend he went on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he detailed the event and his illness, saying the weight cut was the best of his career, until it wasn’t.

“I’ve never made weight that easy in my entire career. You ask anybody, usually you stop drinking water 24 hours out from weigh-ins. I cut weight Thursday night and it was going so well that I had five glasses of ice water throughout the night. So then I figured I could eat a little bit. So I tried to eat a little bit of salad and I threw that up. But I figured that was just the dressing or something messing my stomach up. So I had at least a cup of almonds, about five cups of water, I cut the rest in the morning and then when I was trying to gain weight back my body wouldn’t. I couldn’t hold on to anything. I kept throwing up everything...

“By the next morning, I had still only gained five pounds. Everything I tried to eat, I threw up. And I was throwing up in front of all the other fighters. Every single chance we ended up having to be in a group in public, I ended up f**king throwing up.”

But despite the fact that he was obviously very ill, McCall still intended to fight on Saturday until UFC officials told him it was off. Instead, McCall was transported to the hospital where, for a moment, it looked like he was in serious danger though it ultimately turned out alright.

“I asked them, I’m like. ‘Listen, just let me fight...’ And they looked at me like, ‘No dude, you need to go to the hospital.’ Then they were gonna do emergency gallbladder surgery which they didn’t have to do thank god. This whole thing scared the s**t out of me. When the doctor says, ‘Oh well you could die, you never know,’ I’m like, what the f**k do you mean you never know?”

As for what was actually the issue, McCall still doesn’t have any answers. He believes it may be related to the weight cut or to the illness which removed him from his UFC Fight Night 99 bout with Neil Seery but the doctors are still running tests. But at the end day, McCall says it was just his body failing him.

“[My gallbladder] was super shrunk - contracted. I guess [from the dehydration]. And then they saw shadowing and some other stuff [on the tests] and they thought I had gall stones... Then they did a more advanced version of the ultrasound and they didn’t see anything so they didn’t have to do [surgery]. So basically we’re just running tests, been running tests all week.

“I’m still skinny. I went home a day later than I was supposed to go home and I was still under 135 pounds - 132 pounds. I wasn’t able to hold food down until Tuesday. My body just f**kin’ failed me.”


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I for one think the UFC’s strategy of letting top, young talent leave in order to pinch pennies is probably a great one for the brand long-term.

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In the last few weeks, the UFC has released at least four top 10-15 fighters in their respective weight classes and 3 of them were very young, future title challengers. Those same three were also really exciting fighters (Gooch, Krylov, Cirkunov). Not to mention Lorenz Larkin’s situation is still up in the air. Yes, individually any of these guys is probably not worth their price tag. But it’s definitely an alarming trend that they are starting to let go of not only top talent but exciting and young talent as well. Releasing Jon Fitch or Jake sback then made sense. Heck, even letting Bader walk makes sense. But letting two 205ers walk when that division is moribund? C’mon man.

On a related note, Chris Weidman should hit the gym immediately and move up to 205. That division is now significantly more thin than it already was and a lot of the top guys there are up there on the aging curve. Great place to start a new chapter and make a title run.

That’s all for today folks. Hope your Tuesdays kick all the ass and see y’all tomorrow.

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