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Morning Report: Conor McGregor: ‘As soon as I touched down in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather retired twice’

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UFC 205 photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

A long, long time ago, in a world that seems very far away, a man by the name of Floyd Mayweather, made an offhand remark about coming out of retirement to face Conor McGregor, a UFC champion who “is good with the stand up.” That comment picked up speed like a freight train barreling downhill and now, every other week there is some new development of bit of trash talk from one or both parties. Last week, it was rumors perpetuated by many of the more mainstream sports media that the fight was almost official - until Mayweather issued a statement declaring the rumors untrue. This week, it’s McGregor responding to Mayweather.

McGregor recently visited Las Vegas where he, among other things, met with Lorenzo Fertitta, a former member of the Nevada State Athletic Commission as well as the former owner of the UFC. Rumors abounded that McGregor met with Fertitta to try and make a boxing match with Mayweather a reality. But the rumors appear to have been just that as the overall outlook for a potential McGregor-Mayweather fight still seems low.

But even though the potential super-fight isn’t close to being a reality yet, that doesn’t mean McGregor can’t keep it fresh on everyone’s mind. When TMZ Sports recently caught up with McGregor over the weekend, he had nothing but ire for the pound-for-pound boxing great.

“Floyd is a b**ch. He’s petrified. I flew to Las Vegas and he didn’t show his face. As soon as I touched down in Las Vegas, he retired twice. He retired twice.”

If McGregor really is focused on only Mayweather, keeping his name in the streets is a good way to make that happen. Then again, another enormous money fight just became recently available that McGregor might be more interested in.


Results. Here are the UFC results from over the weekend.

Results part deux. And here are the Bellator results.

Back. Georges St-Pierre officially re-signed with the UFC.

Late. Derrick Lewis said he “appreciated” the late stoppage against Travis Browne.

Replacement. Scott Coker explained why Fedor Emelianenko did not get a late replacement fight after Matt Mitrione was removed from the fight.


Free fights.

Derrick Lewis’ speech posted up by the UFC but they edited out a good chunk.

T-Wood saying he’s the WW GOAT.

Joanna getting in on the TMZ.

Conor training.

Then why won’t Canelo’s people let him fight GGG, Tito?

LFA highlights including a potential KO of the Year.


Three Amigos.

Rogan fight companion.


The enormous viral hit from over the weekend.


Lol @as_shopped_as_it_gets_

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For real.

No comment.

Yeah we do.

Two years later, he made it happen.

Claudia coming in hot.


Elias followed through.


Tito damn near had the shortest retirement in MMA history which is saying something.

Couple of KO of the Year contenders for y’all.

Angie is a delight.


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Bisping is a great heel.

Consistently beating GOATS since 1979. Greatest.of.all.time

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Daniel Straus (25-6) vs. Patricio Freire (25-4); Bellator, April 21.

Michael Page (12-0) vs. Derek Anderson (14-3); Bellator, May 19.


Derrick Lewis gave the best post-fight speech in MMA history, and he is the official heavyweight champion of The Morning Report.

Hope y’all enjoy the weekend and, for the American crowd (most of y’all?) happy President’s day. See y’all tomorrow.

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