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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley suggests Holly Holm try out commentating to clear her head from recent losses

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Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley
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It’s said all the time but the old adage is true: the fight game is 90 percent mental. Look no further than Ronda Rousey’s fall from the top after losing at UFC 193. That loss sent Rousey into depression, and her disastrous return at UFC 207 and the vicious beating she received, has many speculating that Rousey will never fight again. If one loss was bad, so the thinking goes, a second one can only be worse.

But what about a third? The woman who kicked over Rousey’s apple cart at 193, Holly Holm, now finds herself in the unenviable position of having dropped three straight since her title winning effort in 2015 after losing a contentious decision to Germaine de Randamie for the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight championship this past weekend. And while there’s no talk of retirement being bandied about, there is a definite uncertainty about where Holm goes from here.

Well, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has some ideas. Speaking with TMZ Sports recently, Woodley suggested Holm take a break from the sport and focus on other things for a short time, not unlike Rousey’s extended leave during 2016.

“I never want to give the pink slip to any fighter too soon. That’s a decision they want to make and they need to make themselves. I think maybe she needs to take some time away, maybe do something outside the octagon, hopefully something that builds her brand to make her more valuable inside the octagon. Just take a page out of Ronda’s book.

“I would love to see her do something definitely in the entertainment category. I don’t know if they’re too quick to throw another UFC fight on Dancing With The Stars like they did with Paige VanZant but there are so many different things going on. Mixed martial arts is so popular - it might be the most popular sport in the U.S. right now - so I’ve got to believe that someone will be looking to have a little spin off with a mixed martial arts competitor.”

By virtue of her victory over Rousey, Holm does remain one of the better known persons in the sport and as such, may well be able to parlay that into some outside-the-cage opportunities if she so wishes. But there is one role in particular Woodley says he’d like to see Holm pursue, the same one he and Miesha Tate (the woman who handed Holm her first of these three losses) currently enjoy: commentary.

“One thing I have not seen her do a lot of - and maybe she just doesn’t have any interest - maybe some commentating. For me, it always kept me fresh. You always have the control to reach so many hundreds of thousands of millions of people on a platform. So when I wasn’t even competing for eight months I kept my name in the mix, I kept my stance for why I should be next for the title and it held more weight than what people realized. So maybe she should consult with the FOX people and try to do an audition to maybe do commentating.”


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This would actually be the perfect time for Holly to start jumping into the analyst booth. With Mayweather-McGregor soon to happen, what better personality to have talking about it than a former world champion in both disciplines?

Take it easy everyone and see y’all tomorrow.

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