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Jarred Brooks calls himself 'newer, improved' Ian McCall, plans to call out Sway in the Morning after UFC 208

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Jarred Brooks
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jarred Brooks believes he fights very similarly to his upcoming opponent at UFC 208 — with the exception that he’s just a little better.

The 23-year-old undefeated prospect is scheduled to make his UFC debut at Saturday’s UFC 208 in Brooklyn, N.Y. against MMA veteran and top-10 flyweight Ian McCall. However, that wasn’t always the plan. The original dance partner for “Uncle Creepy” was Ireland’s Neil Seery, but due to a death in the family, Seery withdrew from the fight. That’s when Brooks, who’s been wanting to fight Ian McCall since 2013, received the call from the UFC to step up on two weeks’ notice.

“I was ecstatic when I got the call,” Brooks told MMA Fighting. “I was like, dude, Ian McCall is the perfect fight for me, the perfect match up. And I’ve always wanted to fight Ian. In 2013, I wrote a post on my Facebook saying I wanted to fight him, so this is a dream come true. But I’m not discrete about being in the UFC. I want to be the champion.”

Brooks got the call from the UFC while he was training at Allegiance Gym in Michigan with his coach James Lee. “The Monkey God” had no hesitation in taking a short-notice fight against the sixth ranked flyweight in the UFC since he was in already in shape, as he was scheduled to fight later in the month at Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting 67.

On top of already being in training camp when he got the call, Brooks feels comfortable facing McCall simply because he feels he’s the better fighter.

“I think that I’m a newer, improved Ian McCall,” Brooks explained. “That’s why I want to fight Ian — him and I have a lot in common when it comes down to our fights. I think that my boxing is a lot crisper. He throws and goes for broke. I’m a lot more straight punches in your face, kind of Rocky Marciano-esque. He doesn’t have better wrestling than me; my wrestling is way better than his, and if he tries to shoot on me, I’ll guillotine him.

“I trained with John Lineker before he fought Ian McCall, I was his number one training partner just to get him ready for the wrestling. John didn’t have too good of wrestling, and John was still catching him and putting him on his back, and he wasn’t doing that to me and that was two years ago. I think Ian is a little heartbroken from that performance and John is a truck, he’s tough, so I can see why that was a tough fight for him.”

Despite signing with the promotion just two weeks ago, the young flyweight fighter already has plans for his career in the UFC and outside of it. Brooks plans on doing two callouts if he defeats McCall on Saturday night, first gunning for a fight with former title challenger and number three ranked flyweight Kyoji Horiguchi.

“I’m going to start calling my shots because I guess that’s how people are now getting what they want,” Brooks said. “So I’ll call out Horiguchi after this fight and we’ll see where that takes me. And after Horiguchi, if things go according to plan, I want Joseph Benavidez or Henry Cejudo. But if they [UFC] want to give me someone in the top 15, let me demolish those guys, I don’t really care. But Horiguchi is a really good fight for me. He’s still young, he’s still powerful, and if anything, he deserves a title shot before anybody for a rematch with Demetrious [Johnson].”

The second call out is quite unconventional, and hasn’t been done before. Brooks, who has been rapping since he was nine years old, wants to get a chance to freestyle and become the first UFC fighter to be on Sway Calloway’s music morning show, Sway in the Morning.

“After the fight I also plan on calling out Sway in the Morning. They’re a big radio station that’s hip-hop related,” Brooks said. “I want to call him out and be the first UFC fighter to rap on Sway in the Morning. He’s had NFL players come out and rap, Shia Labeouf has come out and rap for him, but he’s never had a UFC fighter going into Sway in the Morning. So hopefully I have a good performance and I’ll call out Sway.”

Brooks believes he’ll be fighting for the UFC flyweight title someday, and also hopes his success in MMA open avenues for him in the music industry. But for now, Brooks has a tough challenge ahead of him in McCall, and the undefeated fighter believes he’ll stop the veteran in his debut.

“I’m going to finish him in that fight, even if it’s the first or third round, it doesn’t matter,” Brooks said. “He’s going to be ducking his head, ducking his neck, you know, hiding that mustache from me.”