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Dana White having meeting with Floyd Mayweather’s team: ‘Don’t count anything out’

Floyd Mayweather
Esther Lin, Showtime

The last time Dana White said something with Floyd Mayweather wasn’t going to happen, it eventually led to one of the most lucrative bouts in combat sports history.

White isn’t taking any chances now when it comes to the recent discussion of Mayweather possibly working with the UFC in some capacity. The two raised eyebrows last week when White said his promotion was “interested in doing something with Floyd” after Mayweather himself teased the possibility of competing inside the Octagon. The superstar pugilist defeated UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor in a highly-publicized boxing match in August.

However, Mayweather subsequently dismissed the idea as something that he could do, not necessarily something that he would do.

The rumor does not appear to be completely dead just yet. White appeared on FOX Sports’ Undisputed program on Thursday and according to the UFC president, he’s still engaged in talks with Mayweather’s people.

“He had come out earlier and said - that’s why people were asking me about it, and I said don’t count anything out on him coming over to the UFC, that anything is possible. And I still don’t,” White said. “Listen, you guys know I was here, I did not believe that McGregor-Mayweather would happen and it did. So anything is possible.

“I actually have a meeting with those guys today.”

White said he did not expect Mayweather to be in attendance at Thursday’s meeting.

Asked how the boxing legend would fare in a hypothetical UFC bout, White answered that “It would be a quick fight” as Mayweather would struggle to deal with the variety of grappling and striking techniques involved in an MMA:

For more from White’s Undisputed appearance, check out the clips below:

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